The Fancy Lady Forecast: 10 Business Trends That Will Have You On The Cutting Edge

TREND #1 Quit obsessing about multiple 6 & 7 figure businesses, and the people who talk about them all the time.

Your focus, just like the majority of smart, successful, profitable companies, is creating killer products that positively impact people’s lives. Starting a business when your only intention is to make 6 or 7 figures serves no one, especially yourself. How does ‘I made a million dollars’ sound next to ‘I created clean water systems in Africa’ or ‘I help adults overcome illiteracy’. Any business that has ‘6 or 7 figures’ as its mission is doomed to fail, even if it reaches its monetary goal. It’s the business equivalent of a One-Hit Wonder. Besides, the people you MIGHT impress with your million dollars are probably not people you want to hang around with.


TREND #2 Get involved in something larger than yourself.

The internet doesn’t need you as much as your community does. So join – or spearhead – a movement. Create positive change where you live. Anything from saving the run-down movie theater, to running a half-marathon for a good cause. If you don’t see anything that compels you, start your own movement – be the change people need. Run for office, hang out at the community garden, fix bikes for the kids on your block. The real world will ground you more than the internet ever will.


TREND #3 Take stock of your online relationships.

If they make you feel anxious, worthless, or out of line with who you are and what you want to create, get rid of them. Leave Facebook groups, unfollow on Twitter & Instagram, and unsubscribe from newsletters where someone is trying to pitch you stuff by making you doubt yourself and your ability to get stuff done. They don’t belong in your inbox. And you won’t miss them.


TREND #4 Commit to going deep in your own business.

Not wide. You’re not here to please people. You’re here to make an impact. So understand your niche. And master it. Be the only one. Understand what you have that others don’t. And when you understand who you are, cultivate your own expression and channel it into your business. This isn’t an overnight process. There isn’t a worksheet or an ebook that will give you the whole answer. This is you drilling down to what you love doing best. Frida Kahlo, Jane Austen, and Coco Chanel ALL went through this on their way to becoming masters of their craft. And when you do too, you become your own Frida, Jane, or Coco. Not the NEXT Frida, Jane or Coco.


TREND #5 Think for yourself. 

The internet is overloaded with people only interested in voicing their opinions – without wanting to hear yours. Don’t get swept up in soul-draining conversations where the other parties don’t care what you have to say. You have your own opinion on feminism, patriarchy, diversity, work practices, coffee vs tea, and which TV shows you think are awesome. You don’t have to argue those opinions with anyone. Stand firm in what you believe. And infuse your own work with your deepest integrity.


TREND #6 Network for your soul. 

Forget the gurus, big guns, and the people who talk about money before they talk substance. Look for people and businesses both in and out of your niche who are doing things that you respect and get excited about. Look for people who work hard and stay true to their message. Get in touch. And don’t obsess over whether they reply or not. Your job is to open the channel. Not beg them to be your friend.


TREND #7 Be ruthless about your business expenses.

Only pay for what you truly need. Create a budget and stick to it. Is the product you’re thinking about essential to you, your core business, and serving your customers? If not, move on. And avoid sales pages that try and bully or shame you into buying their products and programs. If they’re using phrases like ‘If you don’t have X dollars to invest in your business, you are the biggest loser to ever enter the entrepreneurial landscape’ unsubscribe tout suite and move on.


TREND #8 Say NO to business crushes that diminish your brilliance. 

There are people doing great stuff out there, and you can and should be inspired by them. The last thing you need, however, is to get obsessed with them, how they’re doing what they do, how successful they are, and what they’re coming up with next. Reserve that excitement and energy for your own business. So unbookmark them, take them off your feed, and go cold turkey.


TREND #9 Amaze yourself with your own amazing ideas.

Because they truly are amazing. So learn to trust yourself. Go your own way. Don’t look for exterior validation, because when it comes to your ideas, you’re the only one who needs to give you the stamp of approval. The more you think like a maverick, the more your ideas will take shape and turn into products & services that matter.


TREND #10 Infuse EVERYTHING you do with integrity.

Connect with your priorities. And follow through. If you believe in sustainable businesses, study the businesses where you spend money and make sure they deserve your dollars. If you’re serious about fine organic ingredients in your products, study the products you purchase and the companies that produce them to be sure they line up with your philosophy. Your dollars matter, so make sure they go where they matter most for you. Set high standards for yourself – you won’t be sorry.




I want you to be on the cutting edge. To not only create products that matter to your bottom line, but to create something that puts your fingerprint on the future.

So stop spending the majority of your genius on insignificant things – and start creating products & services that matter. Today. Tomorrow. Forever.




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