How Beauty Can Revolutionize An Industry

Presentation and creativity can revolutionize an industry.

It certainly worked for Apple, when back in the 1990’s, they turned that beige box that only an IBMer could love into an object of desire.

Apple helped popular culture realize that beauty is important. No matter what the object.

Chad had an alarm clock that he LOVED. But I HATED. I begged him for years to get rid of it. And one day, he granted me my wish. Now we both have simple, white alarm clocks. I want objects I use to be GORGEOUS, from a vegetable peeler to a shoe rack. Don’t you?

This isn’t the LEAST bit shallow.

Humans crave beauty.

It’s why salivate over flower gardens packed with peonies & tulips, or waste the day drooling over fashion editorials, and choose cool pens & notebooks over drugstore spiral bound books and pens.

Beauty is important.

And if you beautify your products & services like a pro, it’ll change your business for the better.

So, know what the standard is. And then see something new.


Crave designs ultra-lush, SEX TOYS: vibrators, nipple clamps, bondage cuffs: Things many people associate with hideous design, a trip to the triple X store, and brown paper wrappings.

How UN-sexy.

Ti Chang, the genius behind Crave, thought the same thing.

Particularly vibrators.

They look bad. They’re loud. You can’t recharge them discreetly. And while they do what they’re supposed to do, they’re designed to be functional – not sensual.

So Chang designed a vibrator, that’s sleek, chic, and sophisticated. It comes in a sweet leather case you can carry in your handbag. And best of all? It has a USB charger.

Technology & pleasure combined. Yeah baby!

Chang has continued to expand her product line, into vibrators so discreet & beautiful, you can wear them as jewelry. With equally sexy names like Vesper and Droplet.

Everything that Chang designs is a combination of sleek luxury, high performance, and the latest technology.

Just like the latest Apple computer or the hottest car.

So …

It’s NOT just Think Different.


When you SEE DIFFERENT, you can revolutionize anything.





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