The Billionaires Club: #RiskRocks

You may think you have nothing in common with a billionaire – but you’d be wrong.

You may think that you could never build a billion-dollar empire – but you’re wrong there too.

In fact, the only difference between billionaires and us regular folks – aside from all that money – is something you can cultivate, own, and act on.

And if you do – who knows? 

“You get from this life what
you have to courage to ask for.”
– Oprah Winfrey 

I’ve gathered some GREAT interviews from innovative entrepreneurs – different backgrounds, different businesses, different lifestyles.

And all billionaires.

None of them started out that way. In fact NONE of them came from a monied background.

What’s even more inspiring? I’ve reverse-engineered EXACTLY what they have in common – traits they used to propel them to the top. Traits YOU have and can use for your business too.

So take a look. Jot down some notes. And then compare them to mine. 

Guy DeLiberte: Cirque du Soleil: please use this alternative link to view the video.


John Paul DeJoria: John Paul Mitchell Systems & Patron


Lynn Tilton: Patriarch Partners


Tony Hsieh: Zappos


What ALL these billionaires have in common.


You can’t be afraid of risk. If you fail, you need a short memory. If you succeed, you’ve created a platform to take another risk. Billionaires do what other people are unwilling to do. They consistently do things that scare them.


Even if they didn’t know what they were doing, they knew they could figure it out.

: Trial and effort is part of the process.

: Resilience is part of confidence. If one thing fails, try something else.

: Autonomy – they weren’t waiting around for someone else to tell them how to do something.


No one was reinventing the wheel – they apply innovative ideas to what already exists:

: Better shampoo (one lather)

: Better circus (no animals)

: Better company structures (turning failing companies around)

: Better company culture (happy people who are encouraged to be individuals)


None of these billionaires said they were in it for the money.

: They LOVED the money, but it was a by-product of the challenges of the businesses they were building.

: They were passionate about different things – performing arts, company culture (Hsieh is not interested in shoes, he’s interested in creating happiness), creating jobs, creating the best tequila.


Again – once these billionaires made enough money to live comfortably for several lives over, none of them quit working. They continued to create new challenges, for themselves, for philanthropy, to continue making new things that would ripple outward and effect other people.


Each of these billionaires was looking outwards – so much of what they did was about helping other people. Helping people save their jobs, helping people be happy in their jobs, rebuilding communities, both in the US and abroad.

This is a key element in how they approach money – they believe in keeping it moving. Moving money makes fresh money. Moving money helps everyone. And the more you move money, the less afraid you are of losing it.




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