10 Business Building Ideas You Can Swipe From Kylie Jenner (The World’s Youngest Self-Made Billionaire)

Have you seen Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kit? I’m obsessed!

Not just with the creamy texture. And the fun colors.

I’m obsessed with how Kylie has grown her business to a reported $420 million in 2 years. Her strategy? Keep reading …

1. Create something you care about. Kylie, a well-documented-makeup-fanatic … created her Lip Kit out of frustration with not being able to find lip pencils that matched the lip colors she purchased. Like so many successful businesses …. she was out to solve a problem that was important to her.

2. Start with a small signature offering. Kylie started out with just 3 shades in her Lip Kit. Only after selling out her signature offering three times, did she expand her line.

(But her Lip Kit remains her top seller. And she’d still have a wildly successful business if she never offered anything else.)

3. Know your audience. Kylie’s line is designed to appeal to her fanbase … girls in their early to late teens who worship Kylie and her lifestyle. Her packaging and branding – fun, glamorous, and over the top, reflect exactly what her ladies want from her.

4. Show your ethics through your work. Kylie is well known for loving animals. And creates vegan, cruelty-free products and makes it a part of her brand.

(Just like Stella McCartney’s vegan ‘leathers’, Kylie is taking a luxurious stand against animal cruelty.)

5. Stay in control of your work. Kylie only sells her cosmetics through her own website. Therefore, she stays in complete control of her product, branding, and roll-out of new items. Kylie never has to answer to a committee. Or have her products get lost in a sea of other brands on the shelves at Sephora. And she doesn’t have to fit into someone else’s vision. Or share her profits with retailers.

6. Be your brand. Don’t hide behind it. Kylie is the face of her cosmetic line. And her lips are on every box. While we all don’t have celebrity status … being a visible part of her brand sends the message … ‘you can look like a celebrity, and I, Kylie, want to help you do it’. It builds trust and intimacy. Like she’s talking directly to each customer.

7. Promote tirelessly in integrated ways. Kylie’s not shy about putting her products out front and center, using all her social media channels, and sometimes those of her famous siblings and friends. She wants people to see them. She wants people to buy them. So she makes the effort to create appealing photos and stories, and sprinkles them throughout her social accounts.

(Guess what? Kylie buys no advertising, and she’s creeping up on a $420 million biz in just 18 months.)

8. Make it look fun & effortless. Kylie isn’t giving you a hard sell. She just makes it look incredibly fun and glamorous to use her products. She taps into her audience’s desire to feel rich, beautiful, and captivating. And shows them that lifestyle enhanced with her products.

9. Be inclusive and exclusive at the same time. Kylie’s products and marketing have mastered this concept. She makes it look like a LipKit is the gateway to being a beautiful celebrity with a jet-set lifestyle. But she never suggests that you need to be young, beautiful, or rich to enjoy her products. When you buy her products you feel like you’re joining a club with a velvet rope. And everyone who buys a Lip Kit is on the VIP list.

(Compare with products like Louis Vuitton, Bentley and Rolls Royce … who suggest you have to have attained a certain status to be part of their club.)

10. Work Hard. With her perfectly manicured fingers in every aspect of her brand, Kylie-is-a-well-known-workaholic. She cares about her products, and what they represent. She cares about her fan base, and creating products that appeal to them. She’s not licensing her name to a corporation … and then jetting off to sit on a beach while someone else creates a bland celebrity product.  Like the rest of us … Kylie’s elegantly hustling.

Take a close look at this list. Kylie may be a mega-celebrity with a mountain of money. But there isn’t an item in this list that you can’t do too, even if you are a mere mortal.

You can execute steps 1-10 without a million dollars, a jet plane, or a rock-star posse. Try it. See what happens.




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