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My Trade Secret To Packing Personality Into Your Product

I’ve got a new product design course & workshop called TripleXpert.

Which is a perfect name for me.

Don’t you think?

A few years ago, it flew out of me when I was talking to my friend Tracy Matthews (do you know her?).

We were brainstorming a second name for MARK’D Mastery – my Action & Accountability Mastermind – when the word TripleXpert popped out.

Although I knew the name wasn’t right for an Action & Accountability Mastermind, it was awesome for something else.

So I bought the domain name, and set an intention that one day TripleXpert would do great things.

And finally TripleXpert has a job to do!

You know I used to really struggle with naming. And writing.

And if you would have told me 15 years ago that a HUGE part of my job would be to write, I would’ve bitch-slapped you 33 times.

I used to HATE writing. And was terrible at it.

(But the Universe had other plans for me.)

Unbeknownst to me – or lack of research on my end, can’t remember which one it was – I decided to get a college degree in an area that required EXTENSIVE writing: Women Studies.

When we weren’t discussing contemporary feminist theory, reading about gender in politics, or contemplating what you do with a Women Studies degree after college – we were writing.




I could go off on a tangent here about the ridiculousness of required term-paper-length, or how traditional grammar rules kill creativity, or something else here, but I won’t.

Scratch that.

I WILL go off on that tangent.

Because it was the extreme structure that made me DESPISE writing.

In my mind, when I was done exploring my idea, I was done. Really. Done.

Whether that was 3 paragraphs or 50 pages, if I got to the core of my idea, it should have been enough.

Because …

: I have GREAT ideas – I geek out on noticing patterns and finding ways to improve everything.

(Packaging, transportation systems, grocery shopping carts, comfortable stilettos, the taste of green smoothies, etc.)

: I have a BIG imagination – I’m gifted at envisioning the possible – even if it seems impossible.

(Owning a skyscraper – The Lyremark – with nap-rooms on every floor. Having a business partnership with Gwyneth Paltrow and Tracy Anderson – I like cute yoga clothes too. And instituting International Oprah Day – the whole country stops to gather round and have a Super Soul Sunday marathon.)

: I geek out on PUSHING the envelope – Just because it’s always been that way, or you have always been that way – doesn’t mean you can’t change it.

(In the 5th grade – circa 1981- I went head-to-head with my school. No girls baseball team? Girls were not allowed to play on the boys baseball team either? I didn’t win, but I like to think that my 10 year old voice made a difference.)

And if writing in college wasn’t restrictive enough, enter the world of commercial real estate.

: Big players.

: Big money.

: Big buildings.

I moved from big words and paper length to uber professionalism and complicated contracts.

The only fun I had writing when when I wrote Craigslist ads for our warehouses. My fave?


******* AVAILABLE *******

Best Little Warehouse in Minneapolis

Call Erika ### – ### – ####


It was a BIG hit. And brought in a storm of calls.

So when I started blogging in 2008, I had NO idea how to be me.

: Should I be proper?

: Should I be professional?

: Should I be prolific?

: Should I be poised?

None of the industry standards worked for me.

And even though I wanted to share my ideas, explore my imagination, and push the envelope, I struggled to do so.

In fact, I had soooo much to say I felt I would I-M-P-L-O-D-E!

So, eventually I wised up. Broke the rules. And invented my own writing guidelines.

It was 3 words.


And I don’t just mean provocative in the sensual way …

… it meant I could say anything.

: Be as crazy as I wanted.

: Be as inappropriate as I wanted.

: Be as ridiculous as I wanted.

As long as it had a bigger purpose for positively impacting the planet.

When I follow my own rules, I get to write from my heart.

And I’ve gone from the girl who hated writing, to the writer who is blown away by the responses from her readers.

“A memoir writer who breathes fire into words”. – Srinivas Rao, Founder of The Unmistakable Creative and #1 Amazon best-seller.

So part of the process of designing an exceptional product (or service) is to pack your personality into it so that …

  • No matter who’s on your team, they can implement your vision.

(I know many talented copywriters struggle to write for their clients because their clients haven’t packed their personality into their brand voice.)

  • Your marketing materials have a framework so you can scale.

(When you are a walking, talking, living version of your brand, it’s easy to come up with marketing ideas, angles, strategies and ways to leverage your product in the marketplace.)

  • Your product is eye-catching.

(When I told my Very Very V business partner, Shauna Haider, about the name TripleXpert, giggling she said, “Only you could get away with a name like that.)

Even though I struggled for years with packing my personality into my products, once I made this simple shift: Provocative With Purpose, my brand voice (and my personality) shines through.

If you have no desire (or need) to vamp, re-vamp, or amp a product – or service – then we should stop talking. (Not forever though!)

But if you do, take a look at TripleXpert.

It’s …

  • Highly-intimate (limited to 12 amazing women).
  • Highly-personal (I’m offering email + audio support via the Voxer app so you’ll get rapid-feedback on your product or service design).
  • Highly-results-oriented (you’ll design your killer product or service to actually sell vs. it just being a neato idea that sits on the shelf looking cool).

I’ll give you my best ideas.

I’ll be brutally honest so you don’t put out a terrible product or service.

I’ll help you build your sparkly personality into your product or service so that selling & marketing is a fun adventure.

“I’ll help you develop a killer product (or service) that’s designed to sell, baby, sell.”

And since it’s so customized – there are only 12 spots available.

I hope you say YES! Because …

I’m soooo excited to share my 25+ years of product & service design, sales & marketing, spotting unseen opportunities, and my absolute obsession with making everything better with you because …

The market LOVES to buy the original. Not the pale copy. Not the knock off.

Originality is filled with an energy that EVERYONE is naturally attracted to.

So let me ask you this…

: Do you want your products to SCREAM – “Why of course! SHE designed it – it’s totally

her style.”

: Do you want your services to SCREAM – “Why of course! this is what SHE offers – that’s her area of expertise.”

And then do you want to feel jazz-hands-jazzed to bring your product to the marketplace?

Then meet me here.




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