How To Fail Like A Fancy Lady: 5 Intriguing Questions To Get You Back On Track

I’ve failed A LOT.

Like the time I gave a 60-minute presentation at a Women’s Banking conference in 2007.

: My speech flopped.

: I talked to the WRONG crowd.

: I felt like someone else in my ‘professional’ pantsuit.

After the event was over, I went home. Cried my fake eyelashes off. And binged on reruns of Beverly Hills, 90210.

Feeling better the next day, I decided that even though I’d failed, I was going to FAIL LIKE A FANCY LADY. And learn from the experience.

Next time I was asked to speak at a big event …

  • I would pick a better topic – and perfect my delivery
  • I would only present to entrepreneurs
  • I would wear something I LOVED and felt good in

I also drafted a list of 5 important, truth-revealing questions to ask myself every time I felt like I’d failed. 

When you’re truthful with these 5 questions …

You open to beautiful opportunities to dive deeper into your magic.

Perfect your craft.

And create your Red Carpet Dream life.

Now think about a time you felt like you failed – or something didn’t quite go your way.

Your webinar sucked.

Your sales conversation was a disaster.

Your IG Live was horrific.

Because these 5 questions are only powerful if they have context.

So you MUST have your I-failed-moment.

Got your moment?

Here’s the questions …

#1 What worked?

#2 What didn’t work?

#3 Where did I work outside of my Magic?

#4 What did I learn?

#5 What will I do different next time?

Tony Robbins says, “Business is for gladiators.”

I disagree. I say, “Business is for fancy ladies.”




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