THE DOT METHOD: How Jewelry Designer Becky Hosmer Used It To Build A 7-Figure Business




Simplicity sets you free.

Delicious, organic food.

A clean house with fresh cut flowers on the coffee table.

And zero stress as you stand on your back porch in the early morning taking deep breaths of spring air.

(Can you feel yourself feeling lighter already?)

Yet, when it comes to your business you aspire to be anything but SIMPLE.

Why? Because if you’re like most of my clients, you’re concerned that simplicity might make you look: BORING.


Because you’re totally the opposite. BURSTING with fabulous ideas, designs, and solutions. So how could your business ever be simple?

You want to entice your customers with your infinite varieties. You want them to know that you’re so talented you can serve them – no matter what they bring to your virtual door.

Hour after hour, day after day. Always on GO.

Being passionate is great. Passion is like rocket fuel or a t-shirt cannon, always shooting off new ideas and concepts.

But you need simplicity to help you close the deal.

Because you may know that you’re prone to shiny-object syndrome in your business – but did you know that your CUSTOMERS also get shiny-object syndrome?

And just like that – no matter how exciting, passionate, and glitter-filled your product or services are – your customer has moved on.

And so have your sales.




So here’s what you need to do …

Do what Becky Hosmer – jewelry designer & founder of Anna Beck – did.

Her concept is as simple – and genius – as you can get: THE DOT.

Every piece of Hosmer’s divine jewelry is based around a DOT pattern.

Hosmer talks about the DOT as “a symbol of her search for simplicity and balance in life”.

And while the concept of the DOT is simple, it opens up a wide range of design possibilities – all of which lead back to the signature look of the Anna Beck company.

Yum! DOTS. Anything BUT boring.

Even the techniques used to create the jewelry are some of the oldest in the world. And all the jewelry is fabricated by hand in Bali, by a team of local artisans.

The pace of creation is unhurried.

The results are beautiful.

And filled with infinite, alluring variety.

The Anna Beck line demonstrates exactly how you can use simplicity to orchestrate a passion-filled, successful, and unique business.



Having a simple idea DOESN’T mean boring.

It means you curate and edit your ideas into tasty, irresistible morsels that your customers can’t help but purchase.

You also create guidelines so that your passion can find its full expression without getting distracted.

It’s the full realization of your true genius.

Simplicity doesn’t shut you down.

It opens you up to create a passionate, sustainable & unique business.

Kind of exciting what you can do with a simple idea, huh?

So … if you had to bet your business on something as simple as a DOT, what would it be? 

Dooooo tell!


P.S. Curious as to how I found out about Anna Beck? And fell in LOVE with her jewelry? Why shopping at Nordstrom of course.



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