A Fun Idea For Pitching Top Podcasts (Are you dreaming about getting interviewed on your favorite podcasts?)

Are you dreaming about getting interviewed on your favorite podcasts?

Cool! Then you’ll love today’s post. I’m sharing a fun idea for pitching podcasts.

Story time!

A few weeks ago, I was listening to Jenna Kutcher’s Goal Digger podcast.

And I was shocked to find out how she became an #AerieREAL Role Model.

Aerie didn’t reach out to her.

She reached out to them 4 years ago. And offered to create f.r.e.e. graphics for their Instagram feed using her calligraphy.

That’s how their relationship started. It had nothing to do with Jenna’s expertise about body positivity or underwear modeling.

It had to do with her saying, “If you guys need help with this, I can help you for free.”

She saw a VOID. Stepped in. And offered to help.

So simple!

And this is why from here on out … when you’re listening to your favorite podcasts … ask yourself, “What’s the VOID I can fill?

Here’s a great example of what filling the VOID looks like from my gal pal, copywriting genius, Laura Belgray.

On this podcast she talks about Do You Know What Makes You Unique? A Brand-Building Chat.

On this one, Laura dishes on How To Write Your Own Story.

And on this one, she discusses The Email Style That Out-Converts Every Other Guru In Your Space.

3 Voids filled. All from the same fancy lady.

So if you want to get interviewed on top podcasts, study this Goal Digger episode.

I love this episode because Jenna tells you exactly how she wants you to pitch her to be on her top podcast.

Podcasters are ALWAYS looking for new angles to discuss.

Think about it. Week after week. Month after month. Year after year. They need a new angle.

Which means they need you!

Now pinky-promise-swear to keep me posted if you use the ideas in this post to land an interview on your favorite podcast.




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