DO YOU KNOW THESE FOXES? (They Make My Life Easier.)

Wanna know what 3 foxes make my business easier?

And get a saucy sales tip that’ll fire up your enthusiasm about selling?

Then keep reading, Sugar Bear :)

Selling isn’t about pushing your work in people’s faces.

It isn’t about ‘tactics’ or ‘metrics’ or ‘upselling’.

Selling is about how you help someone with a problem that drives them NUTS.

Or as my super-smart client Susan Burns, says …

“Selling isn’t about selling. It’s about making someone’s life easier.”

That’s right.

Check it.

She does it all. And knows it all. Not once has she said to me, “Erika, I don’t know how to do this.”

Every wish, every command, every desire. Done. And done. Alison makes my weblife easier.

I email her my issue, and within a few days, Elle emails me back with an in-depth recording (usually 15-20 minutes) giving me ideas about what’s going on with me cosmically, how to shift, and action steps to take.

With Elle’s help, I’ve broken layers of unhealthy patterns I was not able to see on my own. Elle makes my life easier by helping me be more self-expressed.

I’ve succeeded in every area of my business except on Instagram. I’ve written a best-selling book loved by fans around the world. I’ve developed a killer business model that I adore. I never feel like I’m working (except when I’m doing official paperwork kinda stuff).

But now? I’m O.B.S.E.S.S.E.D. with Instagram.

Agustina’s helped me figure out how to take fun-photos without having to hire a professional photographer. How to gain the right kinds of followers on Instagram. And how to give my IG followers a similar experience that my clients have..

(I still have a long way to go on IG, but now I have a FUN plan. And an amazing coach to get me there.)

When you help someone solve a problem that drives them NUTS, you’ll never feel like you’re being pushy or salesy.

And all you have to do is say to yourself:

‘Selling isn’t about selling. It’s about making someone’s life easier.’

Repeat as needed, Superstar.





P.S What are you selling? I’d love to know. Maybe it will make my life easier…



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