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Having An UGH-I-Hate-Selling-Moment? (Here’s 3 Questions To Get You Back On Your Sales Game.)


Hey! I’ve found these questions to be incredibly helpful in my 25+ year sales career in those UGH-I-hate-selling-moments.

  1. If you were being of service (instead of trying to close a deal) – what would that feel like? How would you bring your desire to truly help people into your sales process?

  2. If you were having fun (instead of trying to do it right) – what would you do differently? How would your enthusiasm for your business shine through?

  3. If you were perfecting your craft (instead of trying to be perfect) – what shift would you immediately make?

Answer these questions.

Make the changes.

And I promise you’ll looooove selling as much as you looooove shopping for designer shoes.





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