My Favorite Editing App (I Promise It Won’t Make You Grumpy About Your Grammar!)

Have you picked up your copy of The Grumpy Grammarian’s Guide To Copy Editing?

It’s the best book on copy editing I’ve ever read.

Here’s why:

  • If you get the paperback version, it’s large enough to write notes in.
  • There are fun stories about why the author, Autumn Tompkins, is sooooo grumpy.
  • There’s no grammar jargon to memorize.
  • It’s for people who post their content on the Internet. (Or have an audience that reads content on a computer or a smartphone.)
  • Each lesson gives 3 examples of the right way to edit copy, and the wrong way to edit copy.
  • Autumn helped me fall in LOVE with learning proper grammar.
  • The cover is my favorite shade of red :)

After you’ve read The Grumpy Grammarian’s Guide To Copy Editing

I want you to use The Hemingway Editor app.

It’s a nifty desktop editing app that helps make your writing bold and clear.

1. All you need to do is click here.

2. Copy and paste content you’ve already written.

3. Check out your readability score on the right hand side of the screen.

4. Make your edits.

Voila! You’re on your way to becoming a compelling copy editor.

Then, make sure you get on Autumn’s email list.

She sends out a cool copy edit tip every Tuesday. 

Happy copy editing!






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