My Unique Introduction Method (And The Surprising Reason My Clients LOVE It!)

When I created my first big online group-coaching program back in 2011 … I made a steadfast rule.

When it was time for the ladies to get their businesses whipped on the group calls … they must properly introduce themselves before they could get my help with their businesses.

First Name!

Last Name!

And a little bit about your business!

(Not an elevator pitch. Just a quickie line or two about what they do.)

If they skipped any of those 3 items in their introduction, then I’d politely ask them to go back and share their complete introduction.

First Name!

Last Name!

And a little bit about your business!

By making my clients properly introduce themselves every time they spoke on our group coaching calls, I helped them…

1. Confidently speak in front of other people

2. Confidently talk about their business

And this is why after 7 years of offering group-coaching programs, I’m still an Introduce-Yourself-Taskmaster.

Week after week. Month after month. Year after year. It’s never going to change.

So how do my clients respond to my Introduce-Yourself-Taskmaster ways?

They LOVE it!

Because having confidence opens doors for them … grows their platforms … and expands their networks.

Check out this email from my one of my ‘graduates’.

SUBJECT LINE: Your Intro Technique

FROM: Natasha Wozniak

Hey Erika,

Last night, I was at a book talk about the newest generation of philanthropists. So, of course, I wanted to ask a question regarding my own fundraising.

(It’s shocking that nobody else introduces themselves.)

I got up and said “My name is Natasha Wozniak. I’m the founder of an organization that does permanent earthquake reconstruction and economic development in Nepal.”

Because of that, I had a very targeted answer from the author about where to look for funds, and met some very connected people who came up to me afterwards!

I thought, Erika would be so proud right now! You taught us well.




And here’s another note from Natasha.

SPOILER ALERT: Her confidence got her sharing a stage with famed-fashion-designer, Tory Burch.

“I met Tory Burch and found out about The Tory Burch Foundation by chance.

Because of my confidence they had me present on a panel with Tory. And give a short talk about how to benefit the most from the mentoring event they sponsored.

I would not have this kind of confidence, if you hadn’t made me introduce myself on our group-coaching calls.”


Now do you see why I’m an Introduce-Yourself-Taskmaster?

(You know the drill …)

First Name!

Last Name!

And a little bit about your business!





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