So much of my desire to help women succeed in sales comes from watching other sales coaches tell their audiences that success in selling is all about close rates.

“Get the deal done. No. Matter. What.”

And while yes, of course, you want to close the deal. You don’t want to become a transactional salesperson in the process.

Because when you’re a transactional salesperson – someone who tries to close the deal no matter what – you end up feeling like a hot dog vendor hawking wieners at the state fair.

Hot dogs for sale!

Get your hot dog!

2 for 1 hot dogs!

Nothing against hot dogs. Or the state fair. (I genuinely like both.) It’s just that this kind of intense selling is exhausting. And makes you HATE your business.

And it’s the kind of yucky selling that I did when I was a stripper.

It went down like this.

“Hello. My name is Bianca. Give me all your money and max out your credit card. And when you’re out of cash and credit? We’ll forget we ever met. Ok? Great!”

I would do almost anything to make money.

And if you read Think Like A Stripper, you’ll see how creative I had to get to make money stripping.

Like when I would club customers over the head with my tiny velvet handbag, pull out a piece of their hair and whisper in their ear a voodoo curse I made up, “Dumballa Dumballa Dumballa.” I would then tell them the curse could only be lifted if they bought a lap-dance from me.

Pure underhanded transactional selling works in a strip club. But it doesn’t work in building a long-term sustainable business that’s packed with perfect customers who love you just as much as you love them :)

Selling is transformational when you …

: Give your audience a ton of value – by educating them about your product or service

: Focus on building long-term relationships – instead of only emailing your list when you need money

: Help your potential customers make smart investments with their money – not everyone is going to be a perfect fit for your product or service

: Share your best self with them – and show them that you have a personality

: Give a damn about your customers – and don’t treat them like a paycheck

When you make a commitment to play the long game in your sales & marketing, you become a transformational salesperson.  

And you LOVE, LOVE, LOVE selling..

So today’s the day. You get to choose.

Are you going to be a transactional salesperson.?

Or are you going to be transformational salesperson?





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