Why I Don’t Have A VA (It’s Been One Of The Most Empowering (And Surprising) Decisions I’ve Ever Made In My 13 Years Of Business.)

I want to tell you why I don’t have a virtual assistant,

or an online business manager,

or anyone who helps me with the day-to-day details of my business.

I upload my own blog posts and emails.

I post my own Instagram content.

I’m the one who gets my finances & reports ready for my bookkeeper.

Yes! It’s a lot of work being my own VA.

And probably not very productive in most people’s opinion.

But for me, it’s been one of the most empowering (and surprising) decisions I’ve ever made in my 13 years of business.

Here’s what went down …

2 years ago my lovely, whip-smart VA quit. I cried. A lot.

But fortunately, she quit on good terms. And promised to make me lots of video instructions so that my future VA would know exactly how a bossy-pants-like-me wanted her business handled :).

I remember when the first videos about Infusionsoft rolled into my inbox I had this crazy thought, “Hmmm … I’m going to watch one of these videos. It might be a good idea if I understand the technology that my new VA is using.”

(It was a crazy thought because I typically loathe details. Especially tech details. And had never once peeked inside Infusionsoft – even though I’d been using it for 4 years.)

Then the next video arrived in my inbox about Soundcloud. And I watched that one too!

Before I knew it, I had watched every single video my former VA sent me.

And shockingly, I enjoyed each one because I now had a better understanding of how technology could enhance my sales & marketing strategies.

I also thought, “Maybe I should hold off on getting a VA for awhile. It would be good for me to slow down so I can truly understand all the moving pieces that make up my business.”

Maybe there’s some parts of my business that I don’t need?

Maybe I’m overspending on some of the services I use?

Maybe I’ll even feel more connected to my business?

More present? More energized? More committed?

And once I became my own VA, that’s EXACTLY what happened.

I now actually look forward to taking care of the details in my business.

I find many of the smaller tasks meditative (like formatting a blog post). My business systems are ultra-streamlined. And I get tons of ideas for sales & marketing because I’m deep in the trenches of technology.

I don’t know when – or if – I’ll hire a new VA. I’m thrilled with my hyper-efficient & sustainable boutique business. Plus, I have zero desire to scale.

And the coolest part?

I turned a scary situation (losing my awesome right-hand-woman) into an empowering experience.

Who knew I’d LOVE being my own VA?

The Universe did! That’s who.




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