Do you love simplicity? Yet, fear it in your business? Well, if you love one thing, one thing is more than enough to have a successful business.


If you love one thing, one thing is plenty.

A lot of people fear simplicity. It’s true.

Everyone wants to be perceived as multi-passionate, multi-talented, multi-faceted, meta-multi and beyond.

And maybe you are those things. Or maybe you are really in love with one thing. And one thing alone.

One concept. One idea. One talent. One passion.

Does that make you simplistic? Heavens, no!

It makes you incredibly unique. Because you know exactly what you want.

A lot of us like to leave our options open. We like to pick & choose and blend & shake.

It’s also an attitude that can lead to the old Shiny Object Syndrome. We THINK we’re focused, but along comes a pretty new idea, and our heads get turned.

Multi-passionate is great. There’s lots of room to explore. And it requires hardcore discipline to stay on track.

But when you’re in love with one thing, staying on track isn’t your problem.

A single passion leads you down a clearer path.

The path of great athletes, great musicians, great entrepreneurs. You’ve got your focus.

And if you SECRETLY love one thing, but think it makes you sound less passionate, less interested, or somehow shallow? It’s time to come out of the closet.

Because Single Passionate people change the universe.

Kiva and micro-loans for third world countries.

Sara Blakely and SPANX.

The Gavrieli family and Tieks ballet flats.

No, really – working on something for more than 20 years requires a single-minded passion and focus.

(If Einstein had been working on the perfect formula for lipstick, he would have nailed it. But lipstick’s loss is relativity’s gain.)

Another single minded entrepreneur – Mei Pak of Tiny Hands.


Mei is a GREAT example of what it’s like to fall in love with a single idea.


Charms that look like food.

Very cute food.

Not only does she create handcrafted adorable jewelry charms that look like cupcakes, ice cream cones, waffles, fruit, and popcorn … she pushed this idea to a whole new level.

How? The jewelry is scented EXACTLY like the treats it represents. YUM!

She crafts all her jewelry right in my hometown of Minneapolis.

And yes. I’ve been to her studio for a fancy lady tea party – complete with pink gluten-free macaroons. And Mei even let me SMELL THE JEWELRY!

WARNING: Do NOT buy the bacon scented jewelry. If you LOVE bacon, you’ll be craving it the whole time you’re wearing your bacon & eggs necklace.

Her website isn’t full of bells & whistles, or opt-ins. Just an invitation to shop for super-cute jewelry (yes, that’s the actual text on the site!).

And if you DO sign up for a newsletter, there’s a promise of secret sales, contests and giveaways.


(Her Instagram is adorable! If I was 20 years younger, I’d buy EVERY single items she sells. Seriously!)

But the focus is on the jewelry.

Everything is crafted with care – and sold with enthusiasm.

Mei loves her charms, and the little treats are front and center. She is a MASTER. And she’s MASTERED tiny, food scented jewelry.

She has wholesale and affiliate options. But what’s great about Mei is that she started small (really small. Tiny charms – get it?). And she’s allowing the business to scale up naturally.

Mei has also had MAJOR success directing traffic from other platforms – particularly Instagram & Pinterest, where she has been featured as a business success story.

Her secret? Focus. Super-cute focus. In HER words:

“Pinterest serves as a visual display of your brand’s culture,” Pak says. “My pins are what I would be proud to have on display if Tiny Hands had a brick and mortar store.”

Which means all super cute, foodie, and fun, featuring her work front and center.

It’s a great focus on a single thing. And Mei has one thing nailed down that a lot of entrepreneurs NEVER understand.

Not only does she have a single-minded focus on her jewelry, she has a mission statement that consistently moves her brand forward.

That statement?

Mei says the goal of her brand is to make people happier – every piece she designs is fresh, fun, and sunny.

Even if she introduced a fancy-restaurant-trout-almondine entry to her jewelry line, you know it’s going to be super-cute.

I’ve experienced Mei’s enthusiasm and focus first hand. Her ability to focus hardcore on one thing at a time, makes her a MASTER. No matter where her entrepreneurial journey takes her, she will always be successful.

Never underestimate the power of FOCUS, DISCIPLINE & MASTERY.

From writing eye-catching Instagram captions, to shipping product on time, to perfecting your customer service experience, being great at one-thing-at-a-time will take you far.









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