MY PERFECT BUSINESS MODEL. (And Some EMBARRASSING Product Names. Please don’t ask …)

For 14 years I’ve been asking myself:

How do I want to work?

What will light me up?

What kind of sales & marketing activities do I enjoy?

And for 14 years, I’ve been experimenting with different ideas, products, and business models.

I’ve experimented with  …

  • Bootcamps
  • Workshops
  • VIP Days
  • Masterminds
  • Group Coaching (From small groups of 12 to large groups of 200+)
  • Private Coaching
  • Interactive Online DIY Coaching (That ended when the co-founder of the software I was using made inappropriate sexual comments. #MeToo)
  • Luncheons
  • Happy Hours
  • Meetup Groups


I’ve created these products …

  • Baby Cakes (Don’t ask. It’s embarrassing.)
  • La Vie Coaching
  • The Lyremark Boot Camp
  • The Morning Whip
  • Hustle Your Business Boot Camp
  • Bombshell Business Lab
  • WhipStar Studio
  • The Daily Whip
  • Business By Design
  • LBD: Lyremark Business Design
  • Studio LBD
  • Lyremark Money Makers
  • Pret-A-Persona (with Sarah Ashman)
  • Gut Reactions & Glamorous Guidance
  • Embodied
  • Elegant Hustling
  • MARK’D Women
  • Luster
  • POSH: The Profit Makeover
  • TripleXpert


I’ve written these books …


I’ve promoted my products through …

  • Cold-calling
  • Cold-emailing
  • Mailing promotional postcards
  • Speaking
  • Teleclasses
  • Webinars
  • Audios
  • Videos
  • Online events
  • My own Meetup group
  • Trade shows
  • Newspaper ads (seriously)
  • Networking events
  • Conferences
  • Social media
  • Affiliate programs
  • Blogs
  • Email launches
  • Free consults
  • My own internet radio show
  • Free call-in coaching shows
  • CD recording (I made my dad keep a copy in his car incase he ran into Kim Kardashian at the grocery store.)


And after all that blood, sweat and fun … I’ve finally created the winning formula!

A perfect business model where:

  • I get paid to share my unique viewpoints on business. Blend my sparkly personality into the mix. And share my girl-gone-wild stories from my life & business.
  • I get to help women create WINNING product & services that sell, reliably and repeatedly.
  • I get to help women master their sales & marketing in a way that’s simple & fun.

And I also have plenty of mental space to consult with our commercial real estate team. Plus lots of time to work on pet projects.

I’m never bored. I’m always inspired. And now my business grows with me.



My client’s journey starts with TripleXpert, my product design course & workshop.

Because a product or service that is intentionally designed and that creates raving-fan customers will:

: Virtually sell itself

: Serve those people who are dying for what you offer

: Give the world a taste of your genius – and create a fever of anticipation

Even better, an intentionally designed product or service, gives my clients unshakable belief & trust in their work – by tracking results & raking in testimonials.

// Upon registration, my clients get access to the TripleXpert product design system.

// For three weeks, we meet 2x a week for group coaching calls to develop their signature product or service. They then post their homework in our private Facebook group for my feedback & ideas to make their product or service even better.

// Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings, my clients access me via email or Voxer for help with designing their product or service.

At the end of week 3, my clients email me their product design brief (an actionable dossier that keeps them focused and on track so they never again feel overwhelmed by too many ideas and too few “next steps” to take on them).

The next week, I review their product design briefs and give feedback and make suggestions.

They can then make the recommended changes. And submit their product design brief for another round of feedback from me.


And then to set my clients up for long-term success …

I invite them to join MARK’D Women: my business accelerator that helps them consistently & reliably market and sell the product or service they created in TripleXpert.


In MARK’D Mastery, they create a 5-Star Marketing Plan that’s not only effective, but is as unique as they are.

No “one size fits all” formula, blueprint, or system. (How could ONE system work for everyone?)

No icky transactional feel to the sales process. (I NEVER tell them to “get the sale at all costs.”)

No waking up every morning wondering, “What should I do to get customers?” (My clients always have a plan — and they WORK the plan.)

In MARK’D Mastery, they get true-to-you strategies, unparalleled guidance and support, and the inspiration they need to create actionable marketing plans.

// We meet Mondays for a group coaching call where I help them further develop and implement their 5-Star Marketing Plan (and bust through limiting beliefs & business blocks).

// On Wednesdays we check-in as a group in our private Facebook group to make sure we are completing our priorities for the week.

// On Fridays, there’s a quick email wrap-up to celebrate that week’s wins.

And Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings, my clients access me via email or Voxer for help with developing & implementing their 5-Star Marketing Plans. (Or sharing a fun idea, a good joke, or a juicy story. This week, I got a client update about a hot guy she’s going on a date with.)

Finally! I love my business model. It’s purrrrrfect!





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