Business-to-Business is filled with serious propositions. And suddenly EVERYTHING gets serious and it spreads like weird spores in a science fiction movie, or ants at a picnic. But did you know fun is a gajillion dollar business?


Okay, time to get serious. About fun.

I mean it.

Business-to-Business is filled with serious propositions. We want to be taken seriously. And it spreads like weird spores in a science fiction movie, or ants at a picnic.

Suddenly EVERYTHING gets serious.

: Heart-centered businesses are serious.

: Art & creativity are serious.

: Even making a cup of coffee is serious business.

You can be the most entertaining person in the world (and I bet you are), but are you afraid that if you let that fun & whimsical side show, that no one will take you … seriously?

Well, ask yourself this.

“What would I rather spend money on: watching a CNN live feed on the fracking bill, or the Legos Movie?”

Yeah, me too.

Which is why the folks at Lego are raking it in with their Bugatti Chiron Lego kit.

It’s fun. People need fun. Badly.

And no matter what people tell you, fun is serious business … except you’re having fun.

: You’re the breath of fresh air in the smog.

: You’re the daisy in the field of kale.

: You’re the red cherry on the white cake.

The one people notice. And remember.

: Tina Fey & Amy Poehler.

: Ellen Degeneres & Chelsea Handler.

: Richard Branson is definitely the fun entrepreneur. And everyone takes HIM seriously.

So if you’re the fun one, quit hiding behind that kale leaf and use it.

Because fun is a gift and a talent, and fun TOTALLY wants to be one of your Business BFFs.

Take a look at Tattly.



Yup. Temporary tattoos. And some are very, VERY stylish.

And everything about Tattly is designed to be fun.

Creator & founder Tina Roth Eisenberg, the brains behind my fave app TEUXDEUX …

… has a philosophy. And it’s pretty straight forward …


Eisenberg, a designer firmly planted in the NYC startup world, tells the story of how her daughter kept coming home with crappy looking temporary tattoos.

So she decided to make her own.

Not only that, but she gathered together a whole crew of her designer friends, and got them to create tattoos as well. Her only directives?

Fun and stylish. And ooooh sooooo hot!

And that’s exactly what Tattly is.

When Eisenberg found herself and her friends wearing the tattoos, she realized the business potential, so she streamlined the process, created a web store, got a friend to do the shipping, and launched in 2011.

Today she has…

: A staff of 11.

: A stable of nearly 100 international artists creating exclusive Tattly designs.

: A subscription service.

: Collaborations from nightclubs to NPR.

: Collectable enamel pins.

: Custom designs for events ranging from SXSW to corporate gigs to baby showers.



And in January 2015, started hooking up with nonprofits to create awareness raising designs – that are still fun.

Plus, they’ve started pairing up with Warner Brothers to create custom tattoos for kid’s movies, and even created a special edition “Resist” and “Stay Nasty” set for the Women’s March on Washington.

Every Tattly artist gets a cut of every sale, and in 2017, they hit the $1 million mark in total royalty payouts. Today Tattly is sold in over 1,000 stores in over 40 countries.

Not only that, but Tattly gets respect from some of the biggest names both in the traditional tattoo world and the design community alike.

Check it:

“So unless forced by evil powers to do so, I am not likely to have a permanent tattoo. But a temporary one? Well, that’s a thought. And now thanks to Tattly, a new line of temporary designer tattoos, I see the possibility of body decoration in my future.”

That’s from Steven Heller, the Godfather of NYC Design for the past 40 years.

And Inked Magazine – one of the biggest tattoo trade mags says:

“If you still think of temporary tattoos as those party favors at your 5-year-old nephew’s space-themed birthday, think again.”

The article goes on to cite the sophistication of the design, and suggests using Tattly to ‘try on’ tattoos – before you do anything stupid permanently.

(Like my girlfriend who had Axl Rose tattooed on her arm in the early 90s, only to be covered up by a giant octopus a few years later. OR, the woman I stripped with who tattooed GIANT flames above her lady-bits. Yep. Go ahead and visualize it. I know you are.)

Tattly has a clean and zippy well thought out site. But the real secret behind Tattly’s success is the fact that they don’t take themselves too seriously.

Fun is a gajillion dollar industry.

Take that, fracking.




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