Do You Like This YSL Handbag? (And Why I Hate This Popular Question.)

Almost every business coach on the planet asks their clients this popular question. A question that can make your heart sink if you don’t instantly know the answer.

But not me. I will NEVER ask you this question.

Okay, now  you’re dying to know just which heart-sinking question I’m talking about. (there are so many, right?) And I’m gonna tell you. Right after I ask you a different incredibly important question.

Do you like this handbag?

No, really, this all ties together, I promise. You just get a little story time first. About the handbag. Check it:

Chad and I were visiting Los Angeles, and having a GREAT time drinking iced lattes while we window shopped on Rodeo Drive.

Dangerous territory, I know. Especially because, right in front of me was the Yves Saint Laurent boutique.

I LOVE YSL. Even at 11 years old, flipping through Vogue in a conservative suburb of Minneapolis, I’d geek out on his cutting edge designs. And when I was in apparel design school, I understood just how amazing Yves Saint Laurent was. The draping, the craftsmanship, the impeccable technique of everything.

And here I was in front of the YSL store on Rodeo Drive. So I had to go in.

“Hey honey, can you hold my latte? I just wanna pop into this store for a second?”

Poof! I’m in the store.

And within seconds what did I see? The. Perfect. Handbag.  

I got weak-in-the-knees. Great design. Butter soft leather. Chic yet functional hardware. And the surprise twist of deer horn handles.

My eyes fixated on it. My heart raced. My palms got slippery with sweat. I actually stopped breathing in its divine presence – and all of a sudden I heard angels singing. AAAAAAAH!

Quickly, I staggered back outside…

Chad looked alarmed when he saw my condition. “Erika, what’s wrong?”


I stop right here to say – yes, I know, nobody NEEDS a handbag.

Especially not an ivory leather handbag with a graceful antler handle, framed in so much metal you could use it for a mirror and so small you could only carry your keys, lip-gloss, and a tampon. I mean, you could get a paper lunch bag, draw a YSL logo on it, throw in your keys, and it behaves the same way, right?

Um, yeah, not so much.

This purse was bursting with SuperALLURE.

And it was on pre-sale for $860 down from $1400, so technically a SuperBARGAIN I couldn’t ignore.

The SuperALLURE made me incredibly happy. Pass out happy. I adored it so much that I threw down my credit card and never looked back.

Don’t you love it when you feel that way about a product or service you purchased?

Like you don’t even care how much it costs, because you know that every time you use it you feel FABULOUS. And it instantly elevates your vibe.

I also feel that way about my CPA. I know that every time I pick up the phone to call him, he’s going to be excited to talk to me. And even when he’s got bad news he delivers it with such finesse that I don’t even get upset about how much money I have to pay in taxes.

My CPA is worth his weight in YSL handbags. And my YSL handbag makes me feel like a million bucks.

So this is the moment that we circle back to that original heart-sinking question.

Hold onto your MAC Ruby Woo lippie…

How many times have you had a business coach or a well-meaning friend, ask you, “So what PROBLEM do you solve?”

And how many times have you struggled to answer that?

It’s a trendy question I know.

And I used to be guilty of asking my clients that same question.

And MOST of my clients struggled to answer that question.

For some, like my CPA, it would be easy. He helps me stay out of money jail. But for many MANY women in business, it poses a problem.

Because you don’t think what you do sounds important enough.

Because maybe you solve something more ephemeral, like making people feel good about themselves, or making them feel beautiful, or helping their souls sing.

(Yes! Just like  my YSL bag!)

Soul singing is work that’s hard to quantify. There’s no checkbox on a form for it.

And I hate seeing anyone feel crappy about the work they do if they can’t answer ”What PROBLEM do you solve?” with ‘World Peace.”

So I did something radical.

I STOPPED asking my clients the question, “What problem do you solve?”

And instead created a simple step-by-step product design system that helps them develop a life-changing, buzz-worthy product or service without ever making them answer a question that most people can’t easily answer.

So if you’re lacking clarity & confidence on what you offer and are tired of being asked, “So, what problem do you solve?”

Then check out TripleXpert.




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