Looking For A Rich Husband? Here’s My Take.

You know what I love?

Talking business. 

Talking sales.

Talking marketing.

And brainstorming with other women who want to develop their ideas into world-changing empires. 

That’s my obsession … well, one of them.

So I’m always left scratching my head when I talk to women who say they want a business that positively impacts the planet – but spend most of their time wishing they only had to make one thing and be done with it. 

  • One thing that’s going to make them a ton of money. 
  • One thing that’s going to gain a million followers at a single blow.
  • One thing that doesn’t require their presence or energy. 

One thing that’s going to funnel money straight into their bank accounts while they lie around on the sands of Fiji. 

And I have nothing against tons of money or evergreen products. 

I’m kind of meh on Fiji.

But I do have a problem with the one-and-done business myth. 

It’s basically the Internet version of finding a rich husband. 


And it lacks creativity.

So when I hear smart women saying they want to hurry up and make 7-figures so they can sit around on a beach taking selfies all day – it makes me sad …

… because I know those women haven’t tapped into their business calling.

If they were truly LIT UP they’d want to be playing with their business every single day. 

And INTENTIONALLY playing hard. 

I hope that’s you.

I hope you’re turning yourself inside out everyday.

I hope you’re making high demands on your creativity.

I hope that you’re truly getting that there’s bliss in hard work.

Sending you many blessings on your journey.

And encouraging you to keep going deep within yourself.

The whole Universe lives inside of you.

Let it come out and play.





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