My Unique Spin On Personal Shopping (Plus, Why You Should Be Obsessed With Bergdorf Goodman)

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This probably won’t come as much of a surprise but:

I LOVE Bergdorf Goodman.

Stop the presses, right?

If you don’t know Bergdorf’s, it’s the chicest department store in New York City, and a destination hotspot for shoppers from all over the globe.

And while I love both chic and shopping, these are not the reasons that I love BG.

Bergdorf has their business mission DOWN – and as an entrepreneur, that’s what I love.

And guess what? Their business mission isn’t about selling you things – that’s the outcome – their mission is to bring you the most unique, special, wonderful, and exclusive designs on earth. That you can then buy.

Do you see the difference? It’s important!

The head buyer of Bergdorf’s searches the world looking for designers who are just the right fit for the store. And when she does, she doesn’t just buy the clothes, shoes, bags, or whatever, hang them on a rack and move on.

No, those designers are mentored and supported in their unique vision, and encouraged to bring their creative dreams to the fullest.

With the result being that shoppers flock to Bergdorf’s to purchase things they know they can’t find anywhere else.

Bergdorf’s takes a risk with every new designer – but it’s a risk they’re willing to take in order to stay true to their business vision. And it’s a risk that has paid off over and over again, even in the face of economic slumps.

They have discovered their unique genius, they hold true to it, and it works crazy good.

Because once you understand the unique genius that you bring to the marketplace, it doesn’t matter if you’re a coach, a nutritionist, a jewelry designer or a dog walker – your business will start rolling forward with a momentum of its own.

You can find any information you need on the internet when you want to build a website, grow your email list, write your business plan, or create an ebook.

But your unique genius is something you can’t Google.

It’s my mission – some would say my obsession – to help you uncover your unique creative vision, and bring it to your business with your voice, your vibe, your viewpoints.

If you want to think of it like Bergdorf Goodman, then I’m your personal shopper. I’m here to tell you when something works great, and I’ll tell you straight out if you are straying from the path you have created and are ducking your genius. I’ll boss you around from a place of love, and wanting you to achieve everything you can.

I won’t let you short change yourself, not by one penny.




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