Business Confidence Checklist (Let’s Raise Your Business Confidence Score!)

What’s a Business Confidence Checklist?

It’s a simple tool I created to help me see where I was on my entrepreneurial path. Where I needed to step it up. And where I needed to stop second-guessing myself.

Over and over, The Business Confidence Checklist has elevated my business. It’s helped me:

  • Leave my successful career as a managing partner in a commercial real estate investment company to create a multiple six-figure business coaching consultancy for women entrepreneurs
  • Write and launch a bestselling book, Think Like A Stripper, complete with A-List endorsements from #1 NYTimes bestseller Dan Pink, #1 NYTimes bestseller Tory Johnson, and star of Shark Tank, Barbara Corcoran
  • Help over 1200 women move their businesses forward (and love every minute of it!)

And today, I’m sharing the Business Confidence Checklist publicly for the first time ever.

Why? Because I want more women to see that when you cut the fluff and focus on the right tools & tactics – achieving your business goals is way easier than you think.

For example …

Back in 2010, I was given a free ticket to attend a day-long PR workshop by a PR expert who I had met at a conference in Dallas, Texas.

At the time of the invite, I had already been featured in Entrepreneur magazine, in almost every major business & lifestyle publication in my hometown of Minneapolis, and I’d been on TV twice.

My PR success was due to 5 actions I had taken.

#1 I had hired a PR person who I learned a ton of PR secrets from. 

#2 I had taken a PR class at an organization called Women Venture.

#3 I had read a few books about how to get PR.

#4 I would send out a press release for anything I could imagine. 

#5 I had built relationships with local press people by identifying key players and going to events I knew they would be at. And upon meeting them, I would invite them to dinner or lunch. (Who doesn’t love a free lunch or dinner at a swanky restaurant?)

I recall at one of these lunches with the host of a brand spankin’ new family-friendly TV show, I volunteered my ‘services’.

 Some of my ‘services’ included …

  • Green smoothie demonstrations
  • Giving moms advice on how to prep & pack healthy lunches for their kids
  • Showing people how to organize a desk in under 2 minutes

The TV producers looked at my list of over 100 ideas – YES! 100! – and chose my yoga presentation.

A few weeks later, I was demonstrating how to do Bird Of Paradise (a one-legged, standing splits, pretzel twist) on live TV.

So by the time I attended this free PR workshop in 2010, I was feeling pretty darn confident about my ability to get PR.

However, during the workshop, because the woman who invited me had a PR business and was an expert (and I was not), I started second-guessing everything in my business (my about page, the press releases I had written, my offerings) – even though I clearly knew how to get PR. 

Luckily, during the workshop I came to my senses. I told myself that while she may have different ways to get PR, I already had my own proven methods. And there was no need to second-guess or change what had already worked for me. 

I could officially check ‘Get PR’ off my Business Confidence Checklist. And raise my score.

Ready to get your Business Confidence Checklist Score? 




PLEASE NOTE: Not every item on the Business Confidence Checklist will be applicable to your business. So if it’s not applicable, don’t rate yourself on that item. And depending on your industry or your business model, you might need to add in items that are specific to your needs.

Score your Business Confidence 0-10 (zero is low & ten is high).

1. Do I have a WINNING product or service that sells, reliably and repeatedly?

2. Do I have a compelling 180 MARK? (A six-month intention to dream bigger, expand my imagination, and evolve into a woman who thinks and acts BIGGER than I did the day before.)

3. Do I have an opt-in that grabs attention and reflects my expertise?

4. Do I have a product / offering tour that does the selling for me (all I need to do is send it to my prospects!)?

5. Do I know who my target market is? And do I know how to attract them?

6. Do I know the purpose of my business (vs. just having a brand)?

7. Do I have a marketing plan that I love and I implement weekly?

8. Do I have a content style that converts, compels, and engages my dream customers across multiple channels (emails, books, ebooks, blogs, social media content, etc.)?

9. Do I have a sales funnel complete with a high-end sample that potential customers swoon for?

10. Do I have a promotional strategy to pitch podcasts and the press?

11. Do I have a media page / media kit?

12. Do I have a stand-out educational content piece for webinars, pitches, and presentations?

13. Do I have a swoon-worthy personal brand that showcases my expertise and my style?

14. Am I confident that I’m a good guest when someone is interviewing me? When I’m being interviewed do I have a clear & compelling call to action when the interviewer says to me, “So where can people find you online?”

15. Am I confident on camera on on audio? (Do I sound good on camera and on audio?)

16. Do I love my website?

17. Do I love my visuals?

18. Do I have a clear business model?

19. Do I have defined business values that I stick to?

20. Am I skilled communicator / negotiator?

21. Do I have customer service policies?

22. Do I have a CPA & bookkeeper who keeps my books in order?

23. Do I have business insurance?

24. Do I have a lawyer who reviews my business to make sure my assets are covered?

25. Do I have a banker I trust? And one who knows my business?

26. Do I have a Fast 50? A strong network of referral partners. People who know what I do – and I know what they do.

27. Do I have a paid ads strategy – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc?

How did you score?

Now for each item you scored a TEN on cross it out with a big red pen.

For those items that got less than a 10, ask yourself, “What do I need to know about this item, or what action can I take to raise my Business Confidence Score?”

Then one-by-one, make it a goal to raise your Business Confidence Score.

And if raising your score on the Business Confidence Checklist feels intimidating, please don’t worry. At one point my Business Confidence Score was ZERO. 

Just stay in the game. Keep your eyes on the prize. And in no time, you can easily double or triple your Business Confidence Score.





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