Mirror Mirror On The Wall, What’s Even Better Than A 490% ROI…?

My commitment to my clients is not only to help them create a winning product or service that sells, reliably and repeatedly, but gets RESULTS for their customers too.

For example, Sarah Ashman, Creative Director & Style Maker, invested in working with me.

And within 90 days, her return on her investment was exactly 490%.

She filled her MirrorBrand Certification Program in one week with no sales page, no pitches, and no public announcements.

Amazing, right? 

For years Sarah had been dreaming about creating a high-end certification program where she would teach and mentor copywriters, designers, photographers, and other creatives in how to develop and curate personality-based brands.

She just didn’t know if it was possible to duplicate her 18+ years of agency and industry experience with brands like Madonna, Aerin Lauder, Melanie Duncan, Kira Hug, and The Author Incubator into a cohesive program that would get results for her mentees.

That is until Sarah worked with me.

I helped her take her giant list of ideas, whittle them down to the essentials, and develop a 9-month curriculum that helps her students soar. 

Better yet, she’s not just mentoring them in brand development and creative direction, she’s giving them additional tools and strategies that they can then go and implement in their own businesses to raise their prices and make a name for themselves.

Sarah got a ginormous return on her investment. All because I helped her design MirrorBrand so that her clients would get results.

And now her MirrorBrand clients will get a massive return on their investment (being able to add more value to their offerings – which-in-turn will help them raise their prices and build a name for themselves).

The days of the ‘that’s-nice-to-have”offering are OVER.

Because offerings that don’t consistently get customers results are, eventually, dead-in-the-water for 2 reasons:

#1 If you don’t get your customers results, you won’t believe in what you’re doing and you will start to doubt yourself. And mindset is the precursor to having more sales.

#2 If you don’t get your customers results, you will become exhausted from marketing and selling a ‘that’s-nice-offer vs. a lean-mean-results-oriented-offer. Customer results are the holy grail of marketing & selling.

Self-doubt, burnout, and low sales is business-death.

So, if you don’t have a product or service that makes people go, “OMG I have to have this NOW,” then you might as well quit your business dream.

I’m not saying that to be unkind.

I’m saying it because I can help you.

While a lot of other business coaches will give you the “You go, girl!” kind of rah rah feel-good bullshit pat on the back that won’t get you ANY closer to where you want to be if you don’t design a product or service that gets results for your customers.

Because if you don’t get results for your customers, you don’t have a business.

You have the kind of life where you wake up every day and wonder where you’ve gone wrong.

So the question is: do you REALLY want to create a product or service that gets your  customers results and sells, reliably and repeatedly?





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