Does Selling & Promoting Scare The Hanky Pankys Off Of You? (Read This For Immediate Relief.)

If sales or promoting yourself scares the Hanky Pankys right off of you, this is for you…

First, think of a product, service or brilliant idea you’ve been gun-shy about promoting…

Got that in mind?

Ok, now imagine if you approached the whole sales and self-promotion process as if you were inviting people to an amazing party…

Would you feel bad if they said ‘no?’

OR… would you feel sad that they’re missing out on such a killer party? And quickly move on to inviting the next ‘guest.’

Of course! You’d be on the phone inviting another equally amazing person to attend the party of the year.

Because your invitation isn’t about ‘closing the sale’…

It’s an invitation to have a conversation that’s fun, creative and exciting. It’s an extravagant party.

So the next time you feel yucky about selling and self-promoting, simply ask yourself…

“How can I turn this into a delightful invitation where everyone feels loved, cherished and adored?”






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