My Bathroom Checklist

I love impeccable experiences.

Especially when it comes to visiting an exquisite public restroom.

I even have a mental checklist I run through when I use the ladies room.

Here’s my bathroom checklist. (What’s on yours?)

✔️Is it clean?

Hopefully with Method, Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day, or Caldrea.

(Fun Fact. Caldrea and Mrs. Meyer’s are the same company. Caldrea is high-end. Mrs. Meyer’s is low-end – but still fabulous. The radish scent makes me want to make-out with my cleaning cloth.)

✔️ Is it well decorated?

French powder room? Balinese zen? Luxury hotel?

✔️ What kind of hand dryer is there?

Old school? Oh NO!

New school – Dyson Airblade or Xcelerator? YES please!

✔️ Are the paper towels cheap and scratchy or soft and velvety; gorgeously waiting to soak up the water from my precious hands in a beautiful basket.

Better yet, spoil me with a real towel!

✔️ Quality toilet paper?

Lady bits deserve the best.

✔️ Shelf above the sink to put my handbag on?

I didn’t buy this designer handbag to get water all over it. Did you?

✔️Hook on the bathroom door.

Probably the thing I want the most in a bathroom. I will NOT put my bag on the floor. Gross.

And don’t give me a small cheap hook. Big. Gorgeous. Placed with me in mind.

If you want to sum up my freakish excitement about bathrooms, it’s because I love details so thought out that customers squeal with delight.






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