STRIPPER TIP #26: Always Be Seducing

Go ahead and laugh, but do you know what I love?

I love a good infomercial.

Especially the ones from the early 90s.

Tony Robbins? Yes, please!

The Snackmaster?

Who could possibly say no to making a pie from canned cherries and white bread when it’s presented with so much razzamatazz?

You’d have to be dead inside!

So imagine how turned on I was when I looked around the club one night and realized that I was working in a real-time infomercial in front of a live studio audience.

I practically got weak in the knees.

But, more importantly, I played the infomercial angle to the hilt. And it helped me rake in the dough.

In the club, everything was programmed to seduce.

Yes, there were beautiful, scantily-clad women everywhere you looked, but it was a lot more than that.

The lights were low.

The candles were lit.

The music was pumping.

The DJs told the audience who was onstage now, who was onstage next, which featured dancers would be coming to town and what time the Texas Tease (the club’s freebie dance) would be happening.

The managers and bouncers gave customers discount tickets to use on their next visits.

It was a massive wall of seduction, perfectly priming our customers to buy.

And it worked.

The Strip-Down: Think of a movie release.

Before the film is even complete, you’re seeing teasers everywhere.

You see ads with “COMING SOON” across the top.

Then you see the full movie trailers at the theater.

The actors are on Kimmel talking about it, tempting you with movie clips, and every magazine is reviewing the movie.

Of course you’re going to see it.

It seems like a natural, reasonable thing to do.

This movie has become a part of your environment, and that makes it easy to be seduced.

Want to seduce your customers? Then create a massive wall of seduction. And perfectly prime your customers to buy.





P.S. What’s “COMING SOON” in your business? Tease me!

P.P.S. This is an excerpt from my book Think Like A Stripper, and you can buy the book on Amazon. 





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