3 Steps I TooK To Create My Dream Product: MARK’D Women

Here are three steps I took to create my dream product – my business accelerator, MARK’D Women.

STEP 1: I noticed a huge gap in the marketplace…

There were no other programs that offered the one-of-a-kind luxurious support & custom-cut coaching that I envisioned.

STEP 2: I defined the DREAM business accelerator that I’d be lining up to join myself. A program that would allow me…

: To have daily access to advice & ideas from an experienced mentor who totally gets me. Seen. Heard. Spoiled.

: To be a part of a community with like-minded creative, energetic, and whip-smart women.

: To make a business investment that delivers profit-driven results while having more fun than I could ever imagine.

STEP 3: I clearly outlined what the future MARK’D Woman would need to truly take her business to the next level…

: She needed to own her magic and her methods and make money with them.

Think deep alignment with her soul and her gifts, and creating chemistry in the marketplace with those who need her the most.

: She needed a comprehensive sales, marketing & promotional plan packed with her voice, her values, her vision, and her viewpoints.

Think turning a hard ‘no’ into a hell ‘yes’ with ease & delight.

: She needed access to the proper tips, tools, strategies & support for sustainable implementation.

Think action & accountability checkpoints. No excuses. No duck & cover. No lady left behind.

MARK’D Women is FOUR years old. And not one day has gone by where I’m bored of it. I’m constantly invigorated, deliciously challenged, and proud of what myself and my clients have achieved.

You could say that I’m OBSESSED with it.





P.S. My friend Xandra Robinson-Burns is so obsessed with being obsessed that she even has an obsession diary! I once asked her how she has time to be obsessed with everything she’s obsessed with and she told me, “I only have time for my obsessions.”





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