STRIPPER TIP #28: Turn Your Customers On

The club was already set up with a mood-to-buy atmosphere.

But I knew there had to be more ways to turn my customers on so that asking for the dance was easier.

Then it hit me. My customers are probably rigged the same way I was: crazy about their passions.

Ah ha!

If given a soapbox, I’d climb up and talk about my passions (at that time they were fashion, feminist theory and the Chinese Cultural Revolution) for as long as my audience would let me have the floor.

I knew I’d discovered a goldmine.

I would turn my customers on by tapping into their passions.

This epiphany had me feigning excitement over whatever interests my customers had.

From muscle cars to the NFL to country music to investment banking to duck hunting—no matter what it was I had more plastic in my smile than most strippers had in their boobs.

And my approach worked.

I had one wealthy fly-fishing enthusiast who would come see me every time he was in town to talk with me about pike, panfish, loops, rods, hook ratios, line tests and currents while buying dance after dance—and all it cost me was $7.99 for a book on fly fishing and a little extra homework.

It was a small investment that paid off big – something that didn’t interest me at all had turned into cash in my pocket.

(Well, I had no pockets, but you know what I mean.)

The Strip-Down: Wanna strike gold?

Then figure out what turns them on,

Customers are buying you just as much as they are your products and services, and they tend to do business with people who “get” them.

👉What’s one thing your customers dream about?

My customers dream about being fully self-expressed in their business, making a difference, and bringin’ home the cash.




P.S. This is an excerpt from my book Think Like A Stripper. And if you want to know the other 67 Stripper Tips, you can buy the book on Amazon.




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