STRIPPER TIPS #31: Invest Your Tips

Strippers can quickly accumulate a lot of money.

Like any naive kid with cash to burn, many of them go out and spend every dime they have (and also every cent of available credit) on trendy clothes, epicurean delights, weekend getaways and a shiny new set of wheels.

Maintaining this kind of lifestyle, a dancer can lose her money even faster than she earned it.

But not me.

I was frugal, and as you may recall, debt was the four-letter word that offended me most.

It wasn’t until my fifth year of dancing that I finally broke down and bought a car.

I treated myself to the tank-like European stylings of a used white ’86 Volvo.

Could I have found my way into a flashy new BMW?

Of course.

But I had a pragmatic financial plan.

Each week, I would add up the money I made and distribute it according to my precise budget, which allocated funds for food, housing, tuition and precious little else.

It was a constant reminder that I was dancing in pursuit of my Red Carpet Dream, not so that I could finance a lush life-style.

I kept my eye on my Red Carpet Dream and invested the majority of my money in college tuition instead.

The Strip-Down: How much money do you need to invest to make your Red Carpet Dream a reality? $10,000? $100,000? $1,000,000?

If you value your Red Carpet Dream and are committed to making it happen, you must invest money.

We’re not talking Astroturf dreams here, we’re talking Red Carpet Dreams.

Ladies, believe me when I say that I understand the necessity of Louis Vuitton bags and Jimmy Choo heels.

But if your budget requires you to make a choice between the two, go for the Red Carpet Dream, not the shopping spree.

I know it’s a painful decision to make, but you’ll have oodles of money for those indulgences later.

The intrinsic value of loving your business, believing in its potential and doing it your own way is worth it.

But you can’t make your distinctive mark if you don’t invest cash.

So what do you need most?

A business coach?

An entrepreneurial strategist?

A gorgeous website?

A virtual assistant?

A marketing makeover?

A housekeeper, so you can focus on your business chores?

What’s it going to take for you to reach your Red Carpet Dream?

The right services, products and people are out there, waiting for you to invest your tips. Do it!





P.S. This is an excerpt from my book, Think Like A Stripper. You can buy it here.




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