Dismantling The Fake Leadership Model & Developing Real Leaders With Vanessa Velez

I’m disgusted with what’s going on with white-internet-celebrity-leaders!

So in MARK’D Women, my business accelerator, I asked one of our members, Vanessa Velez to come and talk with us about Dismantling The Fake Leadership Model & Developing Real Leaders.

Here are some of my favorite takeaways:

A real leader models what they say.

They show up even when it’s scary, and inconvenient. They get down & dirty with people in their comments. (Even if they don’t like what people are saying about them.

Real leaders strive for greatness, not perfection.

Questions from Vanessa Velez:

  • Are your posts influencing people to live shallow, superficial lives, or truly empowered, fulfilled lives?

  • Are you willing to go deep with your community? Are you willing to have the tough conversations we need to have in order to truly be better people and better leaders?

  • Or are you posting for clicks and likes and because it’s cute and trendy? Are you posting ‘thirst trap’ photos to get more followers? Are you posting for vanity metrics?

  • Or, are you posting because you have a vision of a better world, and you’re ready to be part of creating that world with those people you already influence today?

  • Are you giving your people new ways of thinking? New ways of being? Are you actively challenging them to be better people and better leaders themselves?

  • Are you sharing the resources they need to do that? Are you empowering your people?

If you’ve been scared to join the public conversation about racism, sexism, heterosexism, the opening has never been more wide. People are CRAVING genuine leadership.

And I encourage you to put the pressure on your white friends to get involved. It is NOT time for them to be silent. It is time to speak up and join forces.

We cannot end racism without the help of every white person on this planet. 





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