My Thoughts About Opt-Ins (Does Your Opt-In Belong In The Google Drive Graveyard?)

I believe…

1. Your opt-in should be so good that you’re FREAKISHLY excited to promote it when you’re being interviewed on a podcast.

Here’s the link for my opt-in, The Marketing Confidence Quiz that I share when I’m on a podcast. 

It’s also smart for your opt-in to have its own domain name. For example, I own and

2. Your opt-in should be so good that you can’t wait to consistently share it on social media.

Look! Here’s me sharing The Marketing Confidence Quiz on Instagram.

3. Your opt-in should be so good you’re willing to run Facebook / Instagram ads for it.

You bet your hot buns I’m running ads for The Marketing Confidence Quiz.

4. Your opt-in should be so good that people are telling their friends to run to your website to grab it.

“Erika, I just told my best friend she HAS to take your Marketing Confidence Quiz! Sooooo good.” – Helen Hunter Mackenzie, Master Certified Life Coach & Entrepreneur

5. Your opt-in should be so good that it’s perfectly aligned with your business model AND perfect customers. 

I know you love sales & marketing (or you wouldn’t be here). And that’s why I created a quiz to boost your marketing confidence. This is also the same quiz that I give to my clients when they join my business accelerator, MARK’D Women.

6. Your opt-in should be so good it gives a RESULT.

How will your reader do things differently?

Many women print out The Marketing Confidence Quiz and review it every 3 months so they know exactly what they need to stop doing and start doing.

How will your reader think differently?

I want you to really get there comes a point when you don’t need to learn anything more. Once a woman has mastered an item on The Marketing Confidence Quiz, she can check it off her list. And won’t doubt her skillset or her craft when a fancy expert comes along and tries to tell her otherwise.

What’s the before and after?

Before women have taken The Marketing Confidence Quiz they didn’t know their Marketing Confidence Score. Now they do! They also know where they need to step it up. And where they can stop second-guessing themselves.

So if you know you’ve created a puff piece, toss that sucker into the Google Drive graveyard and craft an ad-worthy-opt-in that…

✔️Grabs attention

✔️Embodies your brilliant expertise 

✔️Has viewpoints that triggers a YES or NO feeling from your reader

Bottom line? Don’t waste time and energy on a half-assed puff piece. Dig deep into your soul and make your opt-in so good, you would run an Instagram ad for it. 





P.S. Have you taken The Marketing Confidence Quiz? 




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