Your Lifetime Access Has Been Revoked (I Did Something Unconventional)

I did something unconventional.

Back in 2013, I decided I wanted to ‘scale’ my coaching business, so I did what the industry leaders were doing.

I gave “lifetime access” to my programs, promising that no matter when you signed up, you’d be able to go through the program at your own convenience.

I noticed something interesting, though.

Nobody ever came to me two years after signing up for one of my programs and said:

“I finally found the time to independently study and implement everything in your program, and it transformed my business!”


The women whose businesses were transformed were those who were READY to immediately dive in.

They were amped about immersing themselves in my program and taking advantage of the LIVE personal coaching and support I offered.

People don’t accelerate when there’s no discipline. No deadlines. And no accountability.

And, the more I thought about the value of my programs, the more “lifetime” access didn’t make sense.

Like TripleXpert…

Inside this product design course & workshop, you get ALL the tools and personalized coaching you need to develop a WINNING product or service that you’re clear, confident & freakishly excited about …

And that sells, reliably and repeatedly.

Why would I want to give you a LIFETIME to make this kind of magic happen in your business when it can be done in just 3 weeks?

I wanted to feel proud of the work I was doing. And I also wanted to get massive results (in a short period of time) for my clients.


I REVOKED lifetime access to my programs.

And, I got back to what I do best. Coaching with NO mercy. And LOTS of love.

My clients don’t get lifetime access anymore, but they don’t need it either.

The bottom line – Following industry leader trends doesn’t always have the payoff.

It’s sticking to what you do best. Committing to your values. And doing work that lights you.

That’s where there’s big-time reward. So do something unconventional. Today.





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