I Want My BANANA! (How To Use Ridiculosity To Tell Memorable Stories)

I’m known for my storytelling.

And it’s not that I’m the world’s greatest storyteller (I think Chelsea Handler is in her book, Life With Be The Death Of Me… And You Too!).

What I’m great at is paying attention to just how ridiculous I am.

Like the time I was out to tea with my girlfriend and noticed the guy sitting next to us had dropped his wallet onto the floor.

So, I leaned over and said, “Sir, your wallet is on the floor behind you.”

He reached around, picked it up & said, “Thanks!” Then put his headphones on and got back to work.

And then like a hungry monkey who wants her banana, I belted out, “IS THERE A REWARD?”

Sheepishly giggling he responded, “Sorry, there’s no money in my wallet.”

To which I shot back, “NO PROBLEM. I TAKE CREDIT CARDS.”

My 9 years of stripper training taught me to act like a maniacal monkey who will do anything to get her banana.

It was a very uncool thing to say to him, especially when he pretended he couldn’t hear me.

Being a good storyteller is essential when it comes to marketing and building a name for yourself. It’s one of the EASIEST things you can do to build connections.

Storytelling is easier than…

  • Writing an about page
  • Composing a sales page
  • Crafting a launch email

If you don’t feel like you can be a good storyteller because you’re not as ridiculous as me, then start with a friend or a family member.

For example, here’s how ridiculous my big sister is.

A few weeks ago, we were chatting about how we hadn’t had a real estate meeting in a while. (If you don’t know this my sister and I are partners in a commercial real estate investment company).

ERIKA: We need to meet. Can you set it up?

MONIKA: Why do I need to set it up? I always set it up.

ERIKA: Well, I don’t know how to do a group call.

MONIKA: All you do is call me first. Then hit the ‘+’ on your phone and you can add another caller.

ERIKA: Ok fine. I’ll let Dad (our other partner) know. And call everyone on the day of the meeting.

Then… One week before our meeting, my sister sent out a calendar invite.

Wait… I thought I was in charge of setting up the meeting??? And I had already invited Dad.

Then… On the meeting day just as I was about to dial her number, she called me!

Wait… I thought I was in charge of calling everyone.

When I inquired about the email invite and calling me, she replied, “Oh sorry. I’m just used to being in charge so I handled it. And there’s a reason I call you Can’t Be Bothered With Details Delilah. You are TERRIBLE with details.”

“Mmmm. Excuse me. I can handle setting up a phone meeting and calling 2 people.”

“Are you sure???”

Can you see the ridiculousness in this story?

Monika is obsessed with details. And I can’t be bothered with them.

To write a good story all you need to do is pay attention to RIDICULOSITY.










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