Does The World Need Another Madonna?

Another Oprah?

Another Aurora James?

Another Meghan Markle?

The short answer?

Yes, yes, a million times yes! (I know. Crazy-pants talk. Hear me out.)

When we’re doing our work, building our business, putting in the time and effort and love & tears, it can sometimes be hard to resist thinking that we’re wasting our time.

I’m not doing anything original, you might think.

Or, [Name of internet-famous person here] has been doing this since the dawn of the internet, and they’re much better at it than I am.

But that’s simply bullshit.

First, because there’s absolutely nothing new.


Everything’s been done, in one way or another.

And it’s been that way since long before you made your appearance on the planet.

The only real novelty lies in your interpretation of your work. Your take on it. Your voice. Your style. Your YOU.

For example: There will never be another Madonna.

At least not until Lady Gaga comes along. Sacrilege? Maybe. But on paper, they are more or less the same, aren’t they?

But the world doesn’t look at them on paper. And they don’t experience them as a list of bullet points or a bio.

The world sees their big boldness. Hears their outrageous, touching and fun messages. And connects with the heart of what each woman produces.

Madonna gave us permission to wear underwear as clothes and not worry about our bra strap showing. Lady Gaga gave us permission to make millions being freakish. Both of which I’m grateful for!

Those who have gone before you haven’t done it better –  they’ve just done it their way.

Your way is just as vital. And totally just as hot.

What will you give us permission to do?


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