Self. Love. Business.

Where does it come from? 

Sweet grapefruit waiting on my kitchen counter and an oat milk latte with just enough froth—all for me.

An unexpected compliment…from myself.

A blue sky over Seattle after days of dark.

Free parking on a busy downtown street. The unyielding joy radiating from my hunky husband.

A chance to help someone else uncover their Self. Love. Business.

Getting paid for my talent—hot!

I wasted years of my life ignoring the delicious, self-satisfying reward of Self. Love. Business.

I traded my potential for transactions laced with cash—and only cash. I caught glimpses of something more—after yoga classes, helping a friend revamp her life with deep conversations, witnessing other people boast deliciously about their new careers—but the elusive happiness I bumped into always slipped away too soon, and I would go back to sniffling about my ho-hum-drum life. 

I blamed the rain, my lackluster boyfriends, my righteous parents, the stock market, and anything else that crossed my path of chronic, unending self-pity. 

What I realize now is that it’s not about what I don’t have. 

It has nothing to do with what I don’t know. 

It’s about what I can give my Self. Love. Business.

Honoring my gifts. Radically.

Trading my status quo. For sanity.

Serving myself. Seconds of what I love.

Making Self. Love. Business. A priority

It comes from working hard at my craft. And taking time to enjoy the rewards. Feeling playful and accepting the limits of my heart and humanity. Reaching out and looking inward …and expressing my Self. Love. Business. Daily.

Not just the one day out of the year when it’s socially acceptable to give others construction paper hearts and gooey chocolates—which in my opinion would make the world a lovelier place if it happened everyday.


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