SUBMIT. DEAL. OR LEAVE. (How To Make A Business Decision Fast.)

Your business is a moving target. And if you can’t make a business decision fast, you’re in trouble.

Here’s how to make decisions. Fast.


SUBMIT: Surrender fully and completely – enjoy every aspect and every minute of it. Bathe in the glory of submission.

DEAL: If you’re willing to accept part of the deal but want to change something – negotiate.

LEAVE: Take the plunge. Pay the money. Fire the employee. Whatever it is. Be done with it.

Now, I’m not into rash decisions – you can give yourself 24 hours to think about it.

But cap the time you spend mulling it over. Twenty-four hours is plenty. Then act. Because when things sit still, they get moldy. You want your business to be a flowing river – not a furry, scummy pond.

(I once spoke at the University of Minnesota Entrepreneurship Club and one budding entrepreneur was struggling with what to eat—spending up to a WHOLE hour a day on this decision. If you’re stuck on turkey or ham for lunch, WOW.)

So be BOLD. Or be MOLD.


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