I Come With A Warning Label. Do You?

I have the Best. Idea. Ever.

In fact, it might cause world peace – without having to march, sit-in or demonstrate.

Let’s use Warning Labels to make interacting with people easier, smoother, and more pleasant – instead of only using them to warn people about toxic chemicals and possible explosions.

Why am I so confident that this is a good idea?

Because I use my own Warning Label when I hire employees, vendors, subcontractors, and freelancers.

I want to know that someone can handle a Type-A, BossyPants Powerhouse. 

I’m clear that I’m not for most people – Thank GOD!

But for those that DO get me, I want them to understand where I’m coming from so that they can understand why I do what I do.

I don’t want them to think, “Oh, Erika’s being demanding & crazy again.”

I want them to think, “Damn! Erika’s done it again. She’s not afraid to interrupt her own business and mix it up. Wow! She’s brave.”


: I move fast. Keep up.

: I like to turn everything into a system.

: I’m not cheap. But I spend my money wisely.

: I like frank feedback. I dish it out. And I can take it too.

: I need fast communication turnaround time. Preferably within 4 hours.

: I work on the weekends and evenings. And appreciate if you’re available for questions or if I have an emergency.

: I will give you ideas for your own business. Don’t want my free unsolicited world-class business advice? Too bad.

: I change my mind on a dime. What was the A-plan yesterday may be the shit-plan today. Until I know something works, I keep the strategy flowing.

: I’m collaborative. So you may send me something and then I may send it to other people for feedback and to change it up. If you’re attached to it being your way, we won’t work out.

My Warning Label saves TONS of time & energy – and loads of misunderstandings. No apologies needed, no awkward conversations, no need to clarify. It’s right there, BAM!, in black and white (or whatever the verbal equivalent is), and there’s no need to stumble over it.

How much time, energy and money would you save if you didn’t have to sweat this kind of detail? (I’m going to go ahead and say a LOT.)

Take ten minutes and put together your own Warning Label – and WARN people before they enter your genius zone.

CAUTION! Hot Property Ahead.


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