Business Confidence Checklist

What’s a Business Confidence Checklist? 

It’s a simple tool I created to help me see where I was on my entrepreneurial path…

Where I needed to step it up…

And where I needed to stop second-guessing myself.

Over and over, The Business Confidence Checklist has elevated my business.

It’s helped me:

Leave my successful career as a managing partner in a commercial real estate investment company to create a multiple six-figure business coaching consultancy for women entrepreneurs

Write and launch a bestselling book, Think Like A Stripper, complete with A-List endorsements from #1 NYTimes bestseller Dan Pink, #1 NYTimes bestseller Tory Johnson, and star of Shark Tank, Barbara Corcoran

Help over 1200 women move their businesses forward (and love every minute of it!)

And today, I’m sharing the Business Confidence Checklist publicly for the first time ever.

Why? Because I want more women to see that when you cut the fluff and focus on the right tools & tactics – achieving your business goals is way easier than you think.