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1 Step To Creating SUPERfans

3 Fancy Ladies. Who Became Fancy Founders Out Of Solving Their Own Fancy Problems.

3 Lessons From Ralph Lauren

5 Books Better Than A Glossy Tabloid (Sorry STAR Magazine!)

6 Months To Walmart. (Are You Wasting Your Genius? Answer These 5 Provocative Questions To Find Out.)

10 Business Building Ideas You Can Steal From Kylie Jenner

15 Feelings That Create Resistance In Your Business

20 Seconds To Your Next Sale. (The Must-Have Formula You Need To Face Your Fears So You Can Get What You Want.)

25 Ways To Business Freak-Out In Style

A Fun Idea For Pitching Top Podcasts

A Tale Of Two Tip Jars (How To Score Some Extra Bucks.)

Are Customers Falling for Your Competitors? (Thank Them. And Go From ‘That Bitch’ To ‘My Biz Bestie’.)

Are You Playing It Cool? Or Playing To WIN?

Are You Posting For Popularity?

Are You Willing To ‘Work’ The Corner?

Are Your Benefits Showing? (3 Easy Ways To Make Sure They Are.)

Billionaires Club: #RisksRock

Billy Idol And My Pajamas

Boobs, Bras & Business Hustling

Bugattis, Butlers & Your Business

(Business) Poster Girl – Do You Believe In Magic?

Christian Louboutin On Pricing (How A $50 Nail Polish Will Boost Business.)

Competition Gets a Makeover ( … And It Looks Hauter Than Ever!)

Complaining Ain’t Classy. And This Is Worse!

Contribution = Cash (*Doesn’t Involve Complex Math Equations.)

Cool Is A Strategy (And Why I Was Banned From Disco Dancing)

Curiosity Culled The Cash (And 1 Question You Need To Ask If You Want More … Cash)

Derek Halpern’s Secret Weapon To Success (And It’s Not His Killer Eyebrows.)

Deserve & Destruct

Do You Know These Foxes? (They Make My Life Easier.)

Do You Like This YSL Handbag? (And Why I Hate This Popular Question.)

Do You Really Want To Be Growing Crabby F*ckers?

Do Your Marketing Efforts Feel Like You’re Trying To Raise The Dead? Try This Trick Instead.

Does The World Need Another Madonna?

Does Your Pricing Pass The Birkin Test? (Raise Your Hand If You’re Sure!)

Don’t Have Enough Customers? (5 Questions To Ask Yourself, Right Now)

Don’t Let Your Customers Wander the Aisles (Uh Ma’am … The Peanut Butter Is In THAT Aisle.)

Don’t Panic, It’s Organic! My Launch & Grow Strategy

Eeek! My Dad Read Think Like A Stripper!

Everyone’s Ugly Little Secret (It’s Not Success You’re Resisting!)

Fire Yourself And Rehire The Next You

For Your Aural Pleasure: Interview With Nikki Groom, My Journey From Ex-Stripper To Self-Expressed Business Owner

Get Out A Big Red Sharpie & Cross Success OFF Your Calendar

Getting Stalked. Fancy Lady Style.

Give Your Business A Couture Fitting

HAUTE BUSINESS: The Diamonds Are In The Details

Having An UGH-I-Hate-Selling-Moment? (Here Are 3 Questions To Get You Back On Your Sales Game.)

How Elegant Hustling Can Triple Your Sales (Or How I Failed To Only Buy ONE Pair Of Shoes.)

How Beauty Can Revolutionize An Industry

How To Be Original (This One’s Fast & Effective!)

How To Fail Like A Fancy Lady

How To Find Your Writing Voice In 3 Words or Less

How To Get Along With Anyone. No Matter How IRRITATING They Are. (Dealing With A ‘Cranky Carl’, ‘One-up Olive’, Or An ‘All-About-Me Alex?’)

How To Get Big Names To Endorse Your Products (We’re Talking Tory Johnson, Barbara Corcoran & Dan Pink Kinda Big)

How to Get People to Associate Money with YOUR Name

How to Hire The Perfect Person (Or How I Found Out I Was Chelsea Handler And NOT Meryl Streep.)

How To Make Money From Your Art (With Chanel Illustrator, Megan Hess)

I Come With A Warning Label (I’ve Got More Than A Whip You Need To Know About.)

I Might Be Getting Naked Again…

INSIDE LOOK: Lynn Tilton On Being A Billionaire

Is It Just Me? Or Is THIS BIZARRE? (And The Simple Secret To Lifelong Success.)

It’s Not About Punishment. It’s About YOU!

It’s Your Turn To Think Like A Stripper

Keep The CHANEL Open (And Release The Flow To More CREATIVITY & CASH, FREEDOM & FUN, SUCCESS & SHOES).

L.A.M.B. // Love. Art. Money. Baby. (What To Do When You Fall Out Of Love With Your Business.)

Lady Gaga’s Marketing Strategy Isn’t About Her Outrageous Looks. It’s About This …

Leather. Chains. Fringe & Flowers: Cracking CHANEL’S Code To Success

Looking For A ‘Rich Husband’? Here’s My Take.

Made a Business Boo-Boo? Go From Bomb to You Da Bomb

Mei Pak & Tiny Hands Jewelry (If You Love One Thing, One Thing Is Plenty)

My Fave GDPR Compliance Checklist

My Trade Secret To Packing Personality Into Your Product

My Favorite Editing App

My Perfect Business Model (And Some Embarrassing Product Names. Please Don’t Ask …)

My Unique Introduction Method

My Wheel Of Fortune

Naughty Or Nice Marketing Tip

Oh No! This Woman is Kicking Your A$$

One Smart Cupcake (More Delicious Than Cash.)

PERIOD PANTIES, Conscious Capitalism & And Why You Should Never Reinvent The Wheel

Play In The Universe You Want To Be In

POSH Selling (*No Spice Girls Were Harmed In The Making Of This Post.)

Power. Control & The Makeup Brushes You MUST HAVE In Your Beauty Tool Kit

Premium Pricing & Mulberry’s Misstep (You Should NOT Do This.)

Productivity & Pygmy Goats: How To CONCENTRATE Your Power

Raise The Red Flag (Because It Takes Guts To Trust Your Gut.)

Raw + Uncut. My One-Year Anniversary.

Selling Made Glamorous (Time To Whip Out Your (Lip) Stick.)

Stella McCartney And $200 Million A Year In ‘Faux’ Motivation.

Strap On Your Stilettos. Step Up Your Game. And Double Your Confidence In One Easy Step

Strong, Sassy, Luxury…Flats?!

SUBMIT. DEAL. OR LEAVE. (How To Make A Business Decision Fast.)

Subtitle Schizophrenia

Tina Roth Eisenberg & Tattly (Fun Is A Gajillion Dollar Business)

Tagline Got You Down? (Access My Favorite Copywriting Resources)

Testimonials Made Easy (How To Elegantly Ask Your Customers To Write A Testimonial Or Product Review)

Thank You for NOT Doing Business With Me (No. Seriously Thank You.)

The Art of Shaping The Market (And Don’t Get Pissed At Me When You Buy This!)

The Best-Kept Secret Internet Marketing Babes Don’t Tell You

THE DOT METHOD: How Jewelry Designer Becky Hosmer Used It To Build A 7-Figure Business

The Fancy Lady’s Guide To Persuasive Marketing (With A Flick Of The Wrist And The Tip Of Your Tongue.)

The Fancy Lady Forecast: 10 Business Trends That Will Have You On The Cutting Edge

The Meme That Breaks Your Business (It’s Silent But Deadly.)

The Most Expensive Thing In Your Business (What NOT To Do If You Want More Designer Shoes.)

The Power Of Naughty (HINT: Business Doesn’t Have To Be Boring.)

The Secret To True Allowing

The Trend I Cannot Stand. (Seriously, It Repulses Me.)

The Universe Has Never Taken A Business Course

The Yellow Polka Dot Bikini Business Plan

There Are No Obstacles, Only Pool Boys

There’s ALWAYS A Market For What You Do (Like Chakra Cleansing For Horses.)

Tory Burch On Authenticity (SPOILER ALERT: When You’re Authentic You Don’t Have To Reinvent The Wheel)

Tory Burch On Shortcuts (HINT: It Took Her Three Years To Launch Her Billion Dollar Business)

[TOUGH] LOVE NOTE For When You Feel Like Giving Up

[TOUGH] LOVE NOTE For When You’re Feeling Lost

[TOUGH] LOVE NOTE If You Compared Yourself To Someone Else Today

Transactional Selling vs. Transformational Selling (Or Who Wants To Sell Hot Dogs?)

Vanilla Manifestation VS Red-Hot Cherry Manifestation. (Can You Guess Which Version Coco Chanel Chose?)

Want Mobs Of Teenage Fans Screaming Your Name? Then Check Out Karl Lagerfeld’s Guru

Want To L.O.V.E. Selling? Answer These 3 Crazy Questions.

What Taking It To The Next Level Really Means With Ellis Faas. (It’s Not What You Think.)

What To Do About Unsubscribes (It’s Cheaper Than Retail Therapy.)

When I’m Not Around To Whip Your Business – Here’s How To Get FREE Expert Help 24/7

Why Boxing Up Your Stilettos Is BAD For Business (And RUDE To Do To Your Favorite Shoes.)

Why I Don’t Have A VA

Why I Got Rid Of These Designer Shoes

Why It’s Good to Be Boring

Why Weeping Your Way To Success Can Be A Good Thing

Will They Sell Their GUCCI Bag to Work With You?

Will You Damage Your Brand?

WINDEX! In My Sushi

Winners Quit The Things That Make Them Lose (But Keep Your Power-Suits, Champagne & Beluga Caviar)

You Can’t Borrow Your Way To Success (And Why I’d WIN Survivor.)

You? An Authority? How To INSTANTLY Gain Expert Status In Your Industry.

“You Don’t Get What You Deserve. (You Get What You Negotiate.)”

You’re 3 Steps Away From A Fried Oreo & A Killer Sales Strategy

Your Muse Is Your Mentor & Your Money Maker (Plus Meet Italy’s Most Eccentric Woman. Ever.)

Your Opinion Is Your BFF. Use It! (Plus, My Not-So-Secret Girl Crushes.)

Zen Negotiation (Put Some OM In The Game.)


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