How Elegant Hustling Can Triple Your Sales


Nordstrom. The Grove. Los Angeles.

Mission: Buy ONE pair of Puma shoes.

Here’s how it went down.

Erika, “Yeah can I try on these Puma’s in a size 9.5?”

Sales lady, “Yep. I’ll be right back.”

(47 seconds pass…)

Sales lady, “Here ya go, and I think you’ll like these too.”

(‘Too’ as in two other pairs of shoes that I didn’t ask to try on—but DAMN did she have good taste!)

Erika, “Well if you insist!”

And 10 minutes later, I walked out of the store with exactly what I’d come in for PLUS both pairs of sandals.

(And the sales lady walked away with 3X the commission!)


Because the sales lady was an Elegant Hustler.

She took the time to “get a clue” about MY style and not just what the latest trend was.

I felt special.

I felt seen.

And I really liked her taste (or at least her ability to figure out MY taste!).

THAT is Elegant Hustling making your customer feel so seen and understood that she can’t help but buy.

Fast forward. Just a few days ago.

I’m in shopping mode for business sexy dresses to wear to my 3 speaking gigs. They have to be long sleeved (I get cold at conferences). AND I have zero time to look for these dresses.

So when Alexandra Greenawalt asks on social, “What’s your biggest style challenge?” I respond with, “Long sleeve dresses.”

Long story short, she makes me a Pinterest board.

And just like the Nordstrom sales lady, it’s clear that she has really ‘seen’ me, knows my style, and is willing to go the extra step.

BEYOND impressed, I hop on over to her site, check out her Get Styled page, and immediately start fantasizing about Alexandra being my personal stylist.

Now up until this point in my life, I have never worked with a stylist. I have always LOVED shopping and have never had a problem putting outfits together.

But now, I’m so busy that shopping for clothes has become a chore.

So you better believe that Alexandra is first on my list to call when I’m ready to commit to a stylist.

Even if that means I have to go to New York to shop. I know the problems I have, and I want to work with someone who can help me solve them.

I want to work with an Elegant Hustler, like Alexandra.

So what’s your business whipping for today?

To be an Elegant Hustler, take these simple (elegant!) steps :

  • Know your products. (Even if you’re a service provider, you need to be clear on exactly what you have to offer.)
  • See your customers. Make them feel special. Customize how you sell so that it fits what they want. (This requires major intuition. But the more you do it, the easier it gets).
  • Go above and beyond the norm. Act as if they are already paying you.

And that is Elegant Hustling.

Do it and you’ll walk away with more sales from satisfied customers – who maybe, even write articles about you they’re sooo happy!