How To Get More Opt-ins From TikTok


Instagram is no longer the sharing app we fell in love with. That IG is gone.

TikTok is where it’s at. Check this out.

I posted the same video to Tikok & Instagram. Compare the metrics.

Instead of nurturing and rewarding its devoted audience, IG is looking at every new shiny, popular thing, and copying it. It’s trying to be SnapChat, TikToK, Substack, a microblogging platform, and a click through shopping site all in one.

And what’s rule number one of entrepreneurship? Keep it simple, sexy. (Insta obviously didn’t get the memo.)

The only way to succeed on Insta nowadays is to run expensive ads, be a Kardashian, or if you get lucky, go viral.

While you’re trying to beat the IG algorithm, wondering what’s happened to the audience you’ve worked so hard to build, and are shocked at the nosedive in your views, Instagram is treating you like a bad boyfriend / bad girlfriend. 

Hardly paying attention to you, thinking they know better than you, expecting you to be loyal while they check out their other options.

Not caring about you, that’s for sure.

In April of 2022, I had 78 TikTok followers. Now I have 4090.
In April of 2022, I had 8954 Instagram followers. Now I have 8941.

In four months, I posted 50 times on both platforms.
> I lost 13 followers on Instagram.
> I gained 4012 on TikTok.

Which platform do you think is growing my list faster?

Yes! It’s TikTok.

TikTok is for you if:

  • You’re tired of writing blog posts and emails.
  • You want to expand your PR opportunities.
  • You want to keep your existing audience hot & bothered about your content

And you want to build your email list.

I have the perfect opportunity to get your stiletto in the door. 

I know what you’re thinking… you don’t want to learn another social platform. You don’t know where to begin. You don’t have a clue on what to say or do. 

I’ve got the tools, the trainings, and the coaching.

I can work with you one-to-one, crafting your TikTok plan for maximum fabulosity.