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How To Make Your Product Or Service Stand Out Like Lady Gaga In A Room Full of Nuns

Quick – what famous person said this?

“First I create. Then I create a circumstance to sell my creation.”

Not Andy Warhol, or Salvador Dali – even though they were fans of the quote.

And not Lady Gaga – who reportedly has this quote around for inspiration.

Nope. It’s Alphonse Mucha, father of Art Nouveau.

And let me be clear. He wasn’t a starving artist.

Nope, he was a ROCK-STAR artist in his time – with a CONSTANT demand for his work.

Mucha was able to create what he wanted – and make it highly profitable.

Wouldn’t you like to do that too?

Let’s revisit this quote again, because you might be missing A LOT of opportunities in your business.

“First I create. Then I create a circumstance to sell my creation.”

This quote shows that YOU have the ability to create & design whatever makes you happy. And YOU also have the ability to create the conditions that will sell your work.

Enter Lady Gaga. (Remember she’s allegedly a fan of the quote.)

Which means: First she creates.

She fleshes out every single crazy idea that appeals to her – without thinking about how to sell it.

Or even if it WILL sell.

Instead, she has fun dreaming up bubble dresses & perfume that turns from black in the bottle to invisible on the skin.

As an artist, her ONLY mission is to be true to her vision.

It’s only AFTER she’s envisioned her creations that she makes a business of marketing & selling her ideas.

Marketing & selling are BOTH part of the creative process – not an afterthought.

Let’s go back to Mucha’s statement. The second half specifically.

“Then I create the circumstance to sell my creation.”

Here’s the biggest takeaway: Mucha is STILL creating.

He doesn’t say then I try to sell my stuff.

Instead, he’s using that same energy, that same exhilaration, to sell his work.

His art was his business. And his business was his art.

To him, creating the art was only HALF of what he was doing.

: And that approach cemented Mucha’s success.

: And that approach also cements Lady Gaga’s success.

: And that approach WILL cement YOUR success.

Because I know you LOVE creating your products & services – I hear it ALL the time.

“Erika I have sooooo many ideas! How can I ever pick just one?”

But selling your products & services? Maybe not so much.

Here’s what else I’ve heard in about 10,000 times.

“Erika, marketing & selling doesn’t feel fun. It doesn’t feel like creating does. I get all weird & twisty inside when I have to put myself ‘out there.’”

So hang on to your ski pants!

I’ve got just the audio for you: How To Make Your Product Or Service Stand Out Like Lady Gaga In A Room Full Of Nuns.

I promise, you’ll be hooked in the the first 25 seconds :)

And after spending an hour with me, you’ll know exactly what to do to make your product or service stand out like Lady Gaga in a room full of nuns.

Then book a complimentary 15-Minute Product Strip-Down.

What’s a Product Strip-Down you ask?

Well let’s just say I’m at my best when I coach with LOVE (and NO mercy).

And I know that one of the most loving things I do with my fancy ladies is get them mercilessly clear and decisive about their product or service offerings.

So I’m opening up a few spots on my calendar for f.r.e.e. 15-Minute Product Strip-Downs.

Yep, I’m going to lend you my business brilliance and help you delicately (or not so much) undress your product or service and strip it down to its core.

The core RESULT it gets for your customers.

The core MESSAGE you use to tell them about it.

The core MAGIC that’s behind what you do.

Who’s this Product Strip-Down for?

It’s for you if you:

Have a million ideas that you never quite seem to be able to turn into a product or service

Feel overwhelmed when you just THINK about launching or re-launching your product or service

Have a tendency to overload your offerings with “extras” because you think you need to be and do everything for your customers (or they won’t buy from you!)

Keep forgetting (or never got clear in the first place) what your real MAGIC is — what makes you and this particular product or service really stand out?

Struggle to find that one sentence, hook, or angle that sets your product or service apart from other products or services

Find yourself endlessly procrastinating on creating or revamping your product or service (because of all of the above)

Here’s how it works:

You meet me on a conference line for 15 minutes, and the (metaphorical) stripping begins.

Remember, LOVE (and NO mercy).

I’ll assess your product or service and help you get rid of everything that doesn’t fit.

(So you can breathe a HUGE sigh of relief as you wave “bye” to those things you never really wanted to do or offer, but thought you “had” to.)

And afterward, your PERFECT product or service will be standing there in its brilliant birthday suit.

(Without all those excess features and widgets and clutter that were weighing it down and making it look very unstylish.)


Here’s you, before a Product Strip-Down:

Overworked, overwhelmed, staring at your giant pile of notes and a blank computer screen, trying to figure out how to translate all of your ideas into the perfect product or service.

And you, after a Product Strip-Down:

Confidently clear on exactly the right elements to include that will make up an elegant, effective, and marketable product or service that feels AMAZING to sell and deliver.



Sound awesome?

That’s because it is.

So hop on over here and reserve your own 15-Minute (totally FREE) Product Strip-Down.

There are limited spots, so don’t wait.



‘In a 15-minute call, I received so much clarity on how to elevate and evolve my brand.

‘Erika is truly a powerhouse of ideas, inspiration, and connections! Following our call, she immediately introduced me to a potential partner who could play a large role in our brand transformation. I’m seriously blown away.’

– Abby Walker, Founder, Vivian Lou


Want to get super clear about your products and services?


Then apply for one of my 15-Minute Product Strip-Downs.

They’re not going to last forever.

Your business is going to thank you profusely.

Your customers are going to be so happy you listened to me and offered them exactly what they want.

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‘Talking with Erika always helps me jog loose the mud encasing my most brilliant, sparkling ideas.

So, when I found myself way too “up in my head” about an offering, I called in an S.O.S.

Thank goodness Erika picked up, because after just a few minutes with her, it became clear that I was trying to pack way too much stuff into my program, and THAT was the source of my overwhelm and message confusion.

I teach this stuff! So it’s not like I need hand-holding. But Erika’s focused, no-nonsense questions helped me rediscover my truth and gain massive amounts of clarity in just a few minutes.

I’m now in LOVE with my offer and so are my clients. #ErikaForTheWin, AGAIN! You’ll never regret having this brilliant woman in your corner.’

– Helen Hunter Mackenzie, spirituality-based performance coach leading the new movement of Soul’d™Business Success







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