MARK’D Women

A business accelerator that will help you consistently & reliably market and sell your products and services.



Picture this …

Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to consistently bring in more than enough customers and clients – day after day, week after week, month after month?

How would it feel to know exactly what to do to grow your business from $5K months to $10K months to $30K months?

And what if you could do all of that while having more fun in your business than ever before?

That’s what my MARK’D Women are doing, and it’s totally possible for you, too.

All you need is my simple-yet-brilliant 5-Star Marketing Plan, and the right coaching, support, and accountability to create and execute your own personalized version of it.

Inside MARK’D Women you’ll:

  • Create a 5-Star Marketing Plan using my proprietary, proven and FUN process
  • Execute your plan, test and tweak your plan, and continue to stay in action on your plan
  • Enjoy a combination of one-on-one VIP support + accountability, small-group coaching, and world-class community, all designed to keep you taking bold action that gets BIG results
  • Have access to my marketing and sales genius + my get-it-done magic for a WHOLE year
  • Set and reach sales and marketing goals that blow your mind (and transform your business)




MARK’D Women isn’t open for public registration.

It’s only available to women who have completed TripleXpert.





Erika did. That’s who.’

– Xandra Robinson Burns, Personal Development Author & Tea Party Host



She makes sales & marketing – not only fun – but super natural. I never thought I could feel this way about sales & marketing.’

– Agustina Palacio, Founder, Nina Swimwear & Instagram Obsession



the laser focus, and the momentum to have gotten to the point in my business where I FINALLY feel clear, comfortable, and confident in my direction.’

– Sarah Ashman, Creative Director & Style Maker




‘MARK’D Women is for women who are centered and ambitious self-starters, yet are tired of treading water out in the open ocean all alone.

They’re ALSO tired of being promised the world by coaches and programs, only to end up being another expensive face in a crowd.’

– Hillary Weiss, Copywriter, Ghostwriter, Writing Coach


‘MARK’D Women has provided me with the accountability and inspiration to keep going because this journey is not a short one (and it requires taking small deliberate actions every day).

It’s the investment that catapulted me to who I am now as a thought leader in podcasting – championing women’s voices with a heavy emphasis in diversity and challenging outmoded cultural dynamics.’

– Elsie Escobar, Co-Host – She Podcasts, Podcasting Specialist, Advocate & Pundit


‘I knew working with Erika Lyremark in MARK’D Women would help me get centered and connected with my feminine power.

So I could use it to grow my businesses and non-profit in a non-frazzled, non-workaholic, super-focused-empowered and intuition-lead way, which she definitely has!

– Heidi DeCoux, Founder CSM Talent, Adventurer. Entrepreneur. Humanitarian


‘Erika’s the right combination of leader & friend, visionary & cheerleader.

She charges forward with business & ideas so fast there are flames coming from her stilettos – but cares enough to leave no woman behind. And even better? She inspires trust & creative thinking in the MARK’D women.

Erika leads by example and each week takes us on a journey that makes you dig deep and go where most of us have never dare go in our minds. She challenges, coaxes and cheer-leads but also cracks her whip loud and clear when it’s needed. There is nothing like a business whipping from Erika to make you jump the hell out of your own way quick smart!’

-Nicola Wise-Sturt, Creative Director, Mrs. Wise-Sturt


‘When you join MARK’D Women, Erika will deliver so much more than you could have ever anticipated. It’s a lifelong collective you join if you’re serious about your work, your life, your bottom line … AND your soul’s purpose.’

-Kira Hug, Conversion Copywriters, Kira Hug, Inc.


‘The ladies in MARK’D Women are supportive of each other while totally committed to their own success.

We’re women who believe it can happen. We believe in ourselves, what we bring to the world, love the game of life, and are designing ours every single moment.’

– Karen Vago, Genetic Eating Expert


‘I swear by her guidance. Erika keeps me focused, grounded, and doesn’t put up with any of my favorite excuses.

She always takes the long view of my business and while she encourages me to experiment, she also manages to keep me out of shiny object syndrome.

Did she have me at stiletto? Naturally. And although I was skeptical at first–shouldn’t I be able to boss myself around?– I’m over that now. Way over.’

– Lela Davidson, Author, Blacklisted from the PTA & Creator of Portfolio


‘MARK’D Women is for women who know they have what it takes to succeed. But are sick and tired of being stuck in a business rut.

Our community is a supportive and helpful place where ladies build lasting relationships with each other and keep each other accountable. MARK’D Mastery is not for the woman who sits and waits for success to find her, but the woman driven to discover her own success.’

– Autumn Tompkins, Copy Editor, The Grumpy Grammarian


‘I adore MARK’D Women because Erika provides a spiritual and psychological deep dive through the medium of business.

Business is the lens, the vehicle and the pragmatic touchstone that keeps us moving forward. I’ve only ever experienced this in MARK’D Women.’

– Grace Quantock, Wellness Expert, Founder of Grace Quantock Trailblazing Wellness & Healing Boxes


‘Erika’s a living library of amazing knowledge & perspective, possesses incredible resources – and when you ask her a question about your business she tailors her answers to fit your needs.

The accountability in MARK’D Women is incredible. A constant lifeline, like having Erika on speed-dial. She holds space for you. Every week. Forever. Why wouldn’t you want to be a part of that?’

– Michelle Grewal, Strategic Business Planner & Girl About Town


‘MARK’D Women are fierce, innovative, and focused on small steps that create big dividends.

If this sounds like you, and you’re willing to honestly reflect, provide genuine feedback, and do the work, then come get MARK’D.

Erika’s system makes progress simple. She provides a playground that allows you to practice your content, test your ideas & shape them, and get detailed feedback. Erika will ensure you present no less than the best version of yourself to the world.

MARK’D Women is about reaching your highest potential. Not just in business – but in every area of life. Erika’s observant, accessible, and gets to the point. She pays attention to everything, sends personalized videos and voice memos for guidance and direction, and challenges you to transform who you are so it fits what you want to experience.’

– Pam Hay, Founder + Social Advocate For Change


‘I love working with Erika because she has my back and doesn’t pull any punches.

BUT she definitely pulls for me to succeed. Erika is genuine, whip-smart and brilliantly intuitive.

She uses her unique combination of skills to guide me in finding confidence in my own. MARK’D Women is heads and shoulders above any other program I have tried.

Waaaay above. I am #grateful to work with her.’

– Susan Burns, Global Business Strategist & Attorney


‘MARK’D Women and Erika’s support, along with the constantly evolving tools in this program, were invaluable to me arriving where I am today:

: A full roster of clients with a steady stream of referrals.

: A full-time business manager and financial team to help me run my business seamlessly, multiply my efforts and show up as a professional for my clients.

: Quadruple business income. Erika pushed me to raise my rates, charge my worth and design my offerings with real value and customer results at the forefront.

: A new level of confidence in my ability to run a company and land engagements aligned with where I can make an impact in the world.

If you are an entrepreneur wanting to up your game, I highly recommend MARK’D Women.’

– Laura Gates, Executive Coach/Leadership Trainer, Gates Group LLC




MARK’D Women isn’t open for public registration.

It’s only available to women who have completed TripleXpert.