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“I love being in business for myself, but sometimes I wish I had a BOSS, because I’m not getting enough important stuff done!”

Ever thought that, or even said it out loud to a business girlfriend?

You’re soooo not alone.

Here’s the deal with us creative business babes.

On the one hand, we love FREEDOM.

On the other hand, the freedom to do anything we want in our businesses can sometimes make us lose sight of our BIG PICTURE goals.

It’s the paradox of being wildly brilliant AND having the chutzpah to go do it on your own.

And while most of us just have to find a way to pull ourselves up by our (designer) bootstraps and get down to business…

A few lucky ladies have a secret weapon:

The kind of advantage that helps them achieve their BIG PICTURE goals like never before.

The kind of advantage that makes them so wildly productive they hardly recognize their former selves.

The kind of advantage that lets them have SO much fun in their businesses they almost can’t believe they’re getting paid!

What is this mysterious ‘secret weapon’ and how can you get it?

Before I tell you, allow me to introduce myself.

I’m Erika Lyremark (Lira*Mark), and I was BORN with this advantage.

It’s what’s made me successful at transforming from ex-stripper …

To co-creating a multi-million dollar commercial real estate investment company

To founding a multiple 6-figure coaching consultancy

To writing a bestselling book

To helping over 1000 women move their businesses forward.

I’m not bragging — I feel lucky to have been born with a factory-installed gene (thanks, God!) that lets me achieve my BIG PICTURE goals.

But over the years I’ve discovered something remarkable.

While I just happened to be ‘born this way’ I’m ALSO able to help other women develop this same internal programming for themselves.

And not through some 7-step system or technology or blueprint. In fact…

The way I help women entrepreneurs move into money-making action is simple (and FUN).

I show up every week and sprinkle magic “get-the-big-stuff-done” fairy dust all over them.


Maybe it’s my voice. Maybe it’s my tone of voice. Maybe it’s the fact that I walk my talk (I’ve done the scary things, and I’m still doing them).

No one’s ever conducted a scientific study on my magic, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t real.

‘Erika is like ANNA WINTOUR – except for business. Inspiring. Immaculate Insights. Opulent Opinions. Amazing Taste. Drive & Vision!

With most people that I look to for their opinions, I take their reactions & advice with a grain of salt, glean from it little tidbits that resonate, ditching others- but with Erika, what she say resonates so much I take that as the final word.

Since I joined MARK’D Mastery, I’ve …

// Streamlined my business

// Launched my program MirrorBrand (and it sold out!)

// Spoke on a stage of over 1000 people in Las Vegas (despite struggling with a lifetime of stage fright)

And I’m in the process of preparing my business to be able to be a new mom.

How’d I manage to get all of this done? 

I’ll let her tell you.

MARK’D Mastery has been instrumental in giving me the cojones, the laser focus, and the momentum to have gotten to the point in my business where I FINALLY feel clear, comfortable, and confident in my direction … poised and ready for whatever may come next. I owe so much of that to Erika- who is so generous with her time, energy, sage advice – and when needed … a swift kick in the a$$.’

– Sarah Ashman, Creative Director & Style Maker



‘MARK’D is for women who are centered and ambitious self-starters, yet are tired of treading water out in the open ocean all alone.

They’re ALSO tired of being promised the world by coaches and programs, only to end up being another expensive face in a crowd.

I’ve been continuously surprised by how engaged the group is, and how eager Erika and the other women are to support each other, help each other, and call each other out with love. It’s a community really unlike any other, so if you want to achieve things in your business, your self-development, or just hang out with some seriously badass chicks… get MARK’D.

Getting MARK’D has helped me stop giving away so much of myself for free.

Doing anything anyone asked of me, anytime they asked, was how I started my business. But even now with a waiting list 60+ days long and piles of work on my plate, I STILL find myself pushing and stretching and trying to help every friend or acquaintance who reaches out for advice, a hug, or some form of my energy.

Erika’s taught me that I’m actually doing them – and me – a disservice by spreading myself so thin. I’ve become more protective of my energy and intelligence, and can now put more time and creativity into creating products and giving life to ideas that will eventually help all of the people emailing me with shy requests for advice and tiny projects.

“Learning to say no,” I recognized, is as much about self-love as it is about boundaries. I no longer feel guilty when I have to turn someone away, or turn down an opportunity that would further someone else’s business, but not mine.

Having boundaries – the strength to say no – is about having the courage to decide, with finality, what’s good for me. No, “Maybe later.” No, “I’m busy right now.” I can just say “No, sorry!” and feel strong and good and positive about it. Turns out when I do that, the world doesn’t actually implode on itself, and people can find the help they need elsewhere. Who knew?

If you wanna get shit done like you never have before…

If you want to integrate business development with personal development in a way that’s real, instead of unicorn feel-good fairy rainbows …

If you have big ideas, and want to participate in a community where women take action on their dreams everyday…

… Then you need to get MARK’D, boo. The party’s in full swing. Come join us.

– Hillary Weiss, Copywriter, Ghostwriter, Writing Coach


‘What Erika dishes out is the stuff that makes a woman’s soul tingle, because she pulls out your truth and pairs it with her impeccable business knowledge.

I don’t trust many people to give me business advice, because quite honestly, most of it is regurgitated materials that aren’t relevant to my soul — counsel that makes me either yawn or feel icky. But,

If you value your business and truly want to be the best at what you do, then you need to hire the best. That’s why Erika is my GO-TO GAL when I’m feeling stuck or just need a kick in the derrière. She’s one of the few people I will allow to French Kiss my Business.’

– Tonya Leigh, Joie de Vivre Founder, Curator & Instigator For the French Kiss Life Movement



MARK’D Mastery isn’t open for public enrollment.
If you’d like to be considered, please fill out this application.
(Your investment is $195.00 per month).



But my magic isn’t about ME. It’s about how it helps YOU:

: Quit procrastinating and start achieving your BIG PICTURE goals.

: Step up to a BIGGER game and start taking the bold actions that will move you forward

: Have FUN in your business instead of feeling burned out and depleted

Want to know how YOU can get a daily dose of this magic, so you can succeed in your business like never before?

It’s simple: get MARK’D.

You’ve heard of the word “marked” right? As in…

marked |märkt|


Clearly noticeable; evident: a marked increase in sales.

Well, the word “mark” just happens to be baked right into my name (Lyremark) and I don’t think that’s a coincidence at all!

Helping women dial up their confidence, move forward with money-making action, and take the risks that will make a marked difference in their lives is my life’s calling.

And nobody does it better than me.

That’s why I created MARK’D MASTERY: an ongoing exclusive business coaching program (and seriously kickass community) that will create a MARK’D improvement in your business — and your life.

When you become a MARK’D woman, you’ll see…

: A MARK’D increase in your ability to achieve your BIG PICTURE goals

: A MARK’D upgrade in your income

: A MARK’D enhancement of your “get-up-and-go” (translation: you’ll LOVE your business again!)

In fact, after you join MARK’D MASTERY, I’m betting you won’t even recognize your former “busy-and-successful-yet-not-quite-getting-the-BIG-things-done” self.

(Pssst — she’ll be replaced by the richer, more confident & accomplished lady boss you KNOW you really are.)

So, hot stuff, if you’d like to become that lady boss TODAY

Then you need to get yourself MARK’D down for your exclusive spot in this unparalleled program & community.



MARK’D Mastery isn’t open for public enrollment.
If you’d like to be considered, please fill out this application.
(Your investment is $195.00 per month).






Weekly Business Whipping

We kick off every Monday with a Weekly Business Whipping: an unforgettable experience that will help you …

: Trust yourself – and trust the Universe – so you always achieve your BIG PICTURE goals.

: Understand the energy & flow of business and money – so you can experience more financial success & freedom.

: Leverage and position yourself to manifest new opportunities – so you can reach your highest potential.

: Transform yourself into a woman so powerful – and so on top of it – you won’t even recognize yourself.


PLUS, on each Weekly Business Whipping I open up the lines to give you top-notch personalized coaching.

I NEVER give out generic advice or cookie cutter templates. Famous for it.

Instead, I’ll be asking you questions that expand your opportunities, give you instant clarity on exactly what to do next, and hold you to your highest potential.

You’ll be challenged. And you’ll love it.

Because when ALL aspects of you show up and your intentionality goes from 10% to 100%, amazing things happen.

Not only do you become clear on what you want and how to get it, but the Universe works in your favor like never before.

Doors that were previously shut swing wide open; new opportunities land in your inbox; the right people show up to help you; the money appears; and you have an incredible trust in your business – no matter what things look like on the outside.

Additionally, when you participate in the Weekly Business Whippings, you’ll have huge breakthroughs and aha’s like never before.

All calls are recorded (to capture our collective genius) and emailed out that day – so if you’re unable to attend? No worries!

The interchange during the Weekly Business Whipping is so electric – you’ll create energy, instead of burning it. You can then take that red-hot energy and #GetToWork


Action & Accountability Checkpoints

On Mondays, you’ll fill out an Action & Accountability Report. 

These short reports will help you take bold, sustainable action. And get you freakishly excited to knock your to-dos off your list.

On Fridays, there’s a Weekly Wrap-Up.

Better and more rewarding than a happy hour after a productive week, the Friday Wrap-Up is all about noticing and celebrating your progress — as well as keeping a keen eye on the obstacles that could derail you (and adjusting as necessary).

I want you to have a GREAT business. Not a mediocre one. And GREAT businesses don’t just happen. They’re planned. #AccountabilityRules


Private Email & Voxer Support

It’s important for you to stay on track, so you’ll contact me when:

// You’ve got a question. Like, should I follow up with this customer? It’s been 3 days …

// You want to get feedback on an idea. Like, should I do this or this. Or this?

// You want to pick my brain. Like, Erika, have you ever had this happen to you? I feel stuck. Got any ideas?

And I’ll get back to you with a no fluff, no bullshit, personalized response that will help you take the right kind of fun, big-picture action.


Of course! Private Facebook Community

You know I attract creative, supportive, and energetic women to my inner circle. Now I want you all to meet & make magic.

// The MARK’D Mastery Facebook community is a place where lifelong friendships are formed, referrals are made, networks are grown, and deals get done.

// And unlike other Facebook groups where promoting your business is not permitted – in the MARK’D Mastery Facebook community – selling & marketing your products & services is encouraged and expected.

// I’m active in our private Facebook community. So not only will you receive private email & Voxer support, I join in on the spirited conversations in our Facebook community.

I want you to succeed royally, rapidly & with infinite rewards.

And a huge part of that is having a lively marketplace to conduct business, grow your network, and make new friends. 

Plus, I LOVE witnessing your success.



‘I came for the whippings and accountability. I stayed because of the community Erika’s created.

Before MARK’D, I never committed to any project that moved my business forward. I haphazardly skipped from project to project and suffered from shiny object syndrome. For four years, I took on client work, put my head down, and focused on them instead of me.

I was working to live, not living to work. I had no passion or drive. Nothing inspired me. I fell out of love with Inkwell Copy. And that’s not how you build a brand.

In the short, few months I’ve been in MARK’D, I’ve built a new brand – Grumpy Grammarian, one that I’m passionately in love with. I’ve shifted the way I look at entrepreneurship. I take action with intention. I set goals and achieve them without burying my head in client work to avoid them or facing burnout.

And that’s how you build a brand.

MARK’D is for women who are sick and tired of being stuck in a business rut. It’s for ladies who know they have what it takes to succeed, but are held back by their own insecurities and inaction.

Our community is a supportive and helpful place where ladies can build lasting relationships with each other and keeping each other accountable. MARK’D is not for the woman who sits and waits for success to find her, but the woman driven to discover her own success.’

– Autumn Tompkins, Copy Editor, The Grumpy Grammarian


‘I owe my confidence and definitive point of view as a Podcast Advocate, pundit, and podcast mentor zeroing in on having conversations that shift the cultural norm directly to working with Erika and her masterful weaving of story, teachings and action taking.

MARK’D Mastery has provided me with the accountability and inspiration to keep going because this journey is not a short one (and it requires taking small deliberate actions every day).

It’s the investment that catapulted me to who I am now as a thought leader in podcasting – championing women’s voices with a heavy emphasis in diversity and challenging outmoded cultural dynamics.’

– Elsie Escobar, Co-Host – She Podcasts, Podcasting Specialist, Advocate & Pundit



MARK’D Mastery isn’t open for public enrollment.
If you’d like to be considered, please fill out this application.
(Your investment is $195.00 per month).


‘I knew working with Erika Lyremark in MARK’D Mastery would help me get centered and connected with my feminine power so I could use it to grow my businesses and non-profit in a non-frazzled, non-work-aholic, super-focused-empowered and intuition-lead way, which she definitely has!

And what I didn’t expect was that I would also made great connections with the other women in MARK’D.

I’ve featured several of them in my membership communities as guest experts, have learned new things from them, made new friends (can’t have enough business besties!), and have done business with some of them.

And I love listening to Erika’s Monday morning sermonettes.’

– Heidi DeCoux, Founder CSM Talent, Adventurer. Entrepreneur. Humanitarian


‘I like to surround myself with the most talented, generous, and absolutely courageous business owners online. Luckily, I found a collective of these courageous souls in MARK’D Mastery.

Our fearless Whip Leader, Erika Lyremark, attracts my type of people. People who show up and do the hard work, even when it is painful … and scary.

Since I’ve joined MARK’D MASTERY, I’ve had a heightened awareness, along with several aha moments. The biggest aha moment hit only a week ago, when Erika and my fellow MARK’D women helped me realize that I need boundaries. Major boundaries. And if I want to hit the huge goals I’ve scribbled down in my journal, I need to take micro-actions every single week in order to create the boundaries I desperately need. Without it, I’ll fall apart.

When you join MARK’D MASTERY, Erika will deliver so much more than you could have ever anticipated. It’s not just a subscription model or a membership service. It’s a lifelong collective you join if you’re serious about your work, your life, your bottom line … AND your soul’s purpose.’

-Kira Hug, Conversion Copywriters, Kira Hug, Inc.



MARK’D Mastery isn’t open for public enrollment.
If you’d like to be considered, please fill out this application.


‘Erika has incredible business knowledge, plus a real and sincere interest in what each of us is up to. I love her enthusiasm and commitment to our success.

Erika also truly gets what I’m about. Working with her, I feel taken care of, encouraged, and appropriately “whipped” when needed. She’s made me 100% intentional in every area of my life and I love it. Intentionality lingers on my spirit like beautiful perfume.

You should get MARK’D if you’re ready for community. MARK’D women are supportive of each other while totally committed to their own success. We’re women who believe it can happen. We believe in ourselves, what we bring to the world, love the game of life, and are designing ours every single moment.’

– Karen Vago, Genetic Eating Expert, Nutritional Therapist, Coach


‘As a creator and business owner, I’ve never been a fan of “ideal client avatars” and it is safe to say I allow very few folks to influence my vision and creative process.

After listening to Erika on a podcast I thought, “She get’s it!”.  Her soul & business savvy combined with a palpable level of confidence reeled me in.

Since being catapulted into the world of Erika Lyremark and MARK’D Mastery, I’ve benefited exponentially. My creative confidence has exploded— I’ve learned how to channel my brilliance with tunnel vision and unshakeable confidence. My best and most important work has come forth under her guidance and input.

Better yet, since inviting Erika into my world, I’ve seen a consistent, sustainable flow of money, honey.

MARK’D Mastery is the ONLY business design & development resource I’d recommend to those looking to make their mark in the transformational (not transactional) economy. Erika consistently delivers a sweet n spicy blend of leading-edge business insights and focused initiatives that support continuous creativity and having a significant impact.’

– Sarah Nicotra


‘I swear by her guidance. Erika keeps me focused, grounded, and doesn’t put up with any of my favorite excuses.

She always takes the long view of my business and while she encourages me to experiment, she also manages to keep me out of shiny object syndrome.

Did she have me at stiletto? Naturally. And although I was skeptical at first–shouldn’t I be able to boss myself around?– I’m over that now. Way over.’

Lela Davidson, Founder & Creative Director, Second Story

‘MARK’D Mastery helped me get intentional in my business – and that’s allowed me to experience a lot more calm & peace as I move forward in developing my multiple businesses.

I’ve …

  • Set up systems for every aspect of my business so it flows beautifully and I can work on not in the business.
  • Started working with sponsors and advertisers on my website, increasing value for my audience and my revenue.
  • Lined up my projects from potential to actual and working on my next book, and loving every minute.
  • Built an editorial calendar and optimised newsletter so communication feels flowing and delicious.
  • Achieved inbox 0 weekly and a fresh, restorative weekend.
  • Secured several high-profile interviews for my new book.

I also adore MARK’D MASTERY because Erika provides a spiritual and psychological deep dive through the medium of business. Business is the lens, the vehicle and the pragmatic touchstone that keeps us moving forward. I’ve only ever experienced this in MARK’D.’

Grace Quantock, Wellness Expert, Founder of Grace Quantock Trailblazing Wellness & Healing Boxes



MARK’D Mastery isn’t open for public enrollment.
If you’d like to be considered, please fill out this application.
(Your investment is $195.00 per month).


‘MARK’D proves business development is inseparable from personal development. Every area that’s challenged me as a business owner has challenged me in my personal life.

Getting MARK’D also guides me into taking consistent action on a daily basis to make my vision a reality. It beats the heavy overwhelm and paralysis I used to suffer from.

MARK’D women are fierce, innovative, and focused on small steps that create big dividends. If this sounds like you, and you’re willing to honestly reflect, provide genuine feedback, and do the work, then come get MARK’D.

Erika’s system makes progress simple. She provides a playground that allows you to practice your content, test your ideas & shape them, and get detailed feedback. Erika will ensure you present no less than the best version of yourself to the world.

MARK’D is about reaching your highest potential. Not just in business – but in every area of life. Erika’s observant, accessible, and gets to the point. She pays attention to everything, sends personalized videos and voice memos for guidance and direction, and challenges you to transform who you are so it fits what you want to experience.’

– Pam Hay, Founder + Social Advocate For Change


‘I love working with Erika because she has my back and doesn’t pull any punches.

BUT she definitely pulls for me to succeed. Erika is genuine, whip smart and brilliantly intuitive.

She uses her unique combination of skills to guide me in finding confidence in my own. MARK’D Mastery is heads and shoulders above any other program I have tried.

Waaaay above. I am #grateful to work with her.’

– Susan Burns, Global Business Strategist & Attorney



MARK’D Mastery isn’t open for public enrollment.
If you’d like to be considered, please fill out this application.
(Your investment is $195.00 per month).


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