POSH Selling (*No Spice Girls Were Harmed In The Making Of This Post.)


Imagine visiting a posh boutique. The kind that’s sooooo fancy, they hand you an organic, homemade pink macaron the very second you enter!

How would you want to be approached by the salesperson?

Would you want her to start grabbing items off the shelves frantically, pressuring you with, “Here’s a new bag that just came in.

Isn’t it gorgeous?

What about these shoes?

Would you like to try them on?

Or this blouse! It’s soooo stylish! Let me put it in a fitting room for you!”

Or would you prefer a more personal approach, where she spent some time getting to know what:

You want.

You need.

You love.

Clothing challenges you have.

You’d LOVE it so much you’d set up your climate-controlled Ralph Lauren tent in front of the store and camp out overnight to get it!

But how many of us set up our websites or approach networking conversations like that high-pressure salesperson?

We approach potential customers or collaborators like we’re a walking, talking advertisement.

We greet them with a mile-long list of the features and benefits of our products or services without really even knowing what they want.

We thrust our businesses upon them like a pile of unwanted blouses, shoes, and bags that we’re SURE they’ll love.

It’s not our fault. We’re not taught how to approach these conversations properly!

Unfortunately, though, this approach does nothing to help potential customers remember us—much less want to add our contact details to their smartphones.

Fortunately, there’s a simple solution.

The solution lies in asking good QUESTIONS.

Here are a few samples to get you started:

  • What is her #1 challenge right now with (type of product or service you offer)?
  • What would be her dream solution?
  • What is her favorite thing about (type of product or service you offer)?
  • What could make it even better?
  • What is the number #1 reason WHY she buys (type of product or service you offer)?

Bottom line? Treat EACH customer like royalty during the ‘sales’ conversation.

Find out what your customer REALLY wants.

And help them figure out what’s best for them – instead of trying to make your product or service fit into their life. Really SEE them.

And if you’re a good fit? Get ready to … POSH THE HELL … out of your products & services.

Until next time . . .