Product Confidence Workshop

SEPTEMBER 16, 2020


Your industry is cluttered & saturated. It’s true.

But QUALITY is rare. And CONFIDENCE? It’s virtually nonexistent.

If you genuinely make an impact on someone’s life & transform it for the better, they will be your red-carpet ambassador for LIFE.

They will buy your products or services & beg for more, season after season.

They will brag about how they “discovered” you, over Sunday brunch & mimosas.

They will Instagram about you. Blog about you. Fly across the country to meet you.

And endless eager enthusiasts?

It all starts with one thing:

So, how do you build Product Confidence?

: By creating a simple, yet elegant product or service that virtually sells itself.

: By zeroing in and serving those people who are dying for what you offer.

: By sharpening & elevating your viewpoints.

: By infusing your product or service with your voice, your values & your unmistakable edge.

: By giving the world a taste of your genius – and creating a fever of anticipation.

: By cultivating unshakable belief & trust in your work – by tracking results & raking in testimonials.

: By learning to craft offerings that matter – today, tomorrow, forever.

And by taking my FREE Product Confidence Workshop: the only online workshop for women entrepreneurs that’s designed to build your Product Confidence in one day.

My FREE Product Confidence Workshop is for women who want…

The Product Confidence to create, to launch, to pitch.

The Product Confidence to make the connection. To ask (and ask again). To seal the deal.

The Product Confidence to sell, baby, sell!

And ultimately? The Product Confidence to relax, know and trust that your work … really works.

Here’s a little secret, straight-my-from lips to your heart:

Product Confidence is your #1 best business ‘secret weapon’. It trumps luck, knowledge – even talent. So spend one day with me, and let’s BOOST your Product Confidence.

Whether your goal is to crank up your sales, create your dream business, shop that book proposal to the hottest agent in town, or woo the investor with the power to change your destiny, the reality is:

You’re going to need a LOT of coins in your Product Confidence Bank.

So c’mon, darling.

Let’s make you RICH. 

SEPTEMBER 16, 2020

Workshop Part 1 – 10:00 am PST
Workshop Part 2 – 1:00 pm PST


Were you really a stripper for 9 years?

Yes. And I hid it for fear it would ruin my business. But I learned to take what some would consider a liability and turned it into my greatest branding asset. I can teach you to do the same.

What makes ME a Product Confidence Expert?

Well, first of all, I literally eat, sleep, and breathe business ideas.

Everywhere I go, I see endless opportunities for people to create winning products and services, or improve on their existing ones.

(Just ask my massage therapist, my hairstylist, or the owner of that swank boutique two blocks from my place!)

And over the past 8 years, I’ve created a successful business coaching consultancy by learning how to design, market, sell, and deliver life-changing, buzz-worthy products and services of my own.

More importantly, though, I’ve honed the process into a simple formula that’s so effective that ANY fancy lady can duplicate it.

Pair that process with my natural business genius…

(Genius I used to transform myself from an ex-stripper, to co-creator of a multi-million dollar commercial real estate investment company, to author of a bestselling book…)

And you’ll walk out of The Product Confidence Workshop with the Product Confidence that will change everything in your business.

Bottom line: I’ve helped over 1300 women move their businesses forward.

And although they DO say there’s some “magic” involved in my method (and I will sprinkle it on you inside The Product Confidence Workshop!)…

I also know that having rock-solid Product Confidence is THE key to business success.

How does it work?

On Wednesday,  September 16, 2020 we’ll meet on a password protected conference line.



Because these workshops are so in-depth & comprehensive, sometimes they’re longer than 60 minutes. I stay on the line until every participant gets the help she needs.

In these workshops I’ll be …

// Sharing the essential strategies you need to get Product Confidence

// Giving you world-class glamorous business guidance to design your own life-changing, buzz-worthy product or service.

// Bringing in my 25+ years of business experience – generating millions of dollars in sales – to help you create your own perfect product or service. Ultra-Flattering. Competition-crushing. Packed with your personality.

Both workshops are recorded (to capture our collective genius) and then will be emailed out that day – so if you’re unable to attend? No worries!

Is The Product Confidence Workshop for service-based businesses or product-based businesses?

Both. While the majority of my clients are service-based entrepreneurs, everything I teach is 100% applicable to a product-based business.

What kinds of women sign-up for The Product Confidence Workshop?

All kinds, literally.

Everyone from established business owners, product-based entrepreneurs, coaches, healers, designers, copywriters, CPAs, lawyers, nutritionists, real estate professionals, etc.