Want To Raise Your Prices? Read This First.


You hear this statement all the time on the Internet, ‘Take it to the next level’.

When you take it to the next level, it’s assumed you’ll be blowing up. 


Stepping up. 

Going global.

For most, it means making more money. 

Taking a $47 product and putting a $247 price tag on it. Or dreaming up a $10,000 package of some kind.

But I don’t think raising your prices is the only thing that ‘taking it to the next level’ should be about. It should be about doing what you LOVE to do… and doing it even better than you ever thought possible.

You’ll naturally thrive ? when you double-down on what you do best. 

Not because you’re hyper-focused on revenue, but because you’re hyper-focused on taking your craft, the work that you love, and challenging yourself to do it even better than you ever thought possible. 

So what can you do better? 

  • Design from your style – not from what’s trendy?
  • Write your articles with higher attention to detail & language?
  • Cut every ounce of clutter from your business – no matter how much time, money, and energy you spent – so your best products & services can shine?

Don’t just take your prices to the next level… Take everything to the next level!