Say NO To Business Crushes


Ever idolize another business? Fangirl over another woman who’s achieved the level of success you desire?

Here’s my sharp viewpoint…

  • Admire their attributes.
  • Be inspired by their work.
  • Get ideas from them when they’re brilliant and aligned with you.

BUT, don’t worship them.

When you crush on someone else, you give away your power. And …

– Weaken your imagination

– Diminish your confidence

– Kill your drive

You may know that I admire Tory Burch. Like a lot! I even worked my contacts so she got a copy of Think Like A Stripper in her hot little hands.

She created a fashion empire without a background in business or design. And started it from her kitchen table while on maternity leave making cold calls while her three sons were napping. She’s thoughtful, methodical, and patient. All attributes I adore.

But, as much as I look up to Tory Burch, if I saw her in a restaurant, I wouldn’t pass out from excitement. I’ve got my own thing going on. 

And so do you!

Instead of crushing on someone else … how would your life change if you were obsessed with your own business? It’s a lot more fun to exclusively reserve that level of excitement for your own work.