Think you’re working in a tough marketplace? Try hustling your wares alongside cut-throat dancers and a roomful of customers who think they own you — in a neon bikini and six-inch stilettos for 9 years. That used to be me!

In 2001, I quit the strip club world and went on to co-create a multi-eight figure commercial real estate investment company, write a best-selling book endorsed by Shark Tanks’ Barbara Corcoran, and launch my own business coaching consultancy in 2005.

Since then, I’ve helped thousands of entrepreneurs grow their businesses with bold sales & marketing. Now I’m spilling the beans straight to your inbox.


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KKW PSA – Destroy To Create

Refresh. Reset. Clear the slate.

Whatever you want to call it — ever consider actually doing it in your business?

What could that look like? How would that feel?

Risky? Maybe.

Editorial and decisive. Yes.

Sometimes, you have to tear it all down. Let go of the brand baggage so you can make something new, even better.

Destroy to create.

Here’s an on-the-minute example from the House of KKW Beauty…

After years of dominating the feed with content that remains consumable faster than you can say “money”, she wiped her account clean. Down to one—and not even a pic of herself. 


What’s she trying to say? Why?? Who cares! She’s setting the trend. Again.

Or what it Balenciaga who set the trend? They deleted all of their posts. And in just the last week grew by 100,000 followers. #BrandPower

By deleting thousands of IG posts, KKW & Balenciaga destroyed their old narratives to create new ones.

You’re thinking, “Ya, but I don’t have a million followers. They can afford to lose a few.”

This may not be your next move. I get that.

However, ask yourself: Am I creating and delivering my message through a bold, distinct lens? 

  • Or am I posting willy nilly only to play roulette with the algorithm?
  • Or worse, is your marketing so boring to you that you hate doing it?

Learning the rules is essential, especially so you can break them.

Bold, decisive action happens when you follow your gut – despite the risk – and get editorial.

No, I won’t insist you wipe your feed and rewrite history. But I will help you cut the marketing clutter, and chisel out your next mega move.

KKW PSA: Destroy to Create



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