The Secret To True Allowing


True allowing isn’t…

Waiting for money to land in your inbox … while you sit on the couch binging on Project Runway.

Meditating with a magnificent mantra …. in the hopes that your business will grow without any effort from you.

Praying all your dreams come true … without lifting a dainty finger.

Really. Are you that dainty?

You know how this works. You set the intention, put the wheels in motion, and allow the Universe to act on your behalf.

But allowing isn’t a passive proposition. It’s…

Getting up off the couch – even when you’re afraid.

Making the call – even when you don’t want to.

Digging your hands into projects – even when you’re not sure exactly what to do.

True allowing is taking action without attachment to outcomes.

It’s not the action that grinds you down––it’s the attachment.

Attachment is heavy.

Attachment is grotesque.

Attachment is an anchor that sinks your aspirations to the bottom of the dream pool.