At the beginning of my 9-year stripping career, I went out and purchased so many costumes, it was as if the department store were on fire. (I probably should have shopped with a bucket of water to douse my checkbook!) I had an onstage wardrobe big enough to clothe the entire cast of Cher’s Vegas Colosseum show.

Everyone at the club envied my epic collection, but the truth was I had so much to choose from that my wardrobe had turned against me. I was wasting time picking out what to wear when I could have been making money. One day my friend Carmella cornered me a with a laser-sharp question: Bianca (that was my stage name), how much spandex, lace, and leather do you really need in your life? 

She then suggested I sell everything—costumes, accessories and shoes—except my two favorite outfits. What?!? I’d spent years accumulating the ultimate stripper-wear collection! And now Carmella was suggesting I throw it all away? But she told me that when she scaled back her costume collection to only two bikinis, her customers didn’t even notice, and it gave her way more time to make way more money.

Less fuss, more money, no downside. Okay, I was sold.

So the following day, I identified my two favorite money-makers – a neon green bikini, and a neon orange bikini. I then hosted a “trunk sale” for the other dancers, and in just a few hours, they’d devoured my entire personal inventory, leaving me with a plumped-up wallet and a slimmed-down closet.

From that day forward, I no longer agonized over what to wear. And with my new 2 Bikini Visibility Plan, I had way more fun and made more money in less time than ever before.

Like me at the club, you’re probably spending way too much time, energy & money trying to get visibility for your business. Too many options. So much confusion. Still NOT getting the results you want.

(Or maybe you’ve given up on visibility altogether?)

– You’re making unique content for every channel – YouTube, iTunes, TikTok, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. (It’s so hard to keep up. Why can’t it be simple? Like in the old days when everyone was only on Facebook?)

– You just can’t make up your mind about which of your amazing, life-changing, game-changing ideas you should share. (So you’re throwing every virtual spaghetti noodle at the wall hoping something sticks).

– You’re emailing your list, fussing with the perfect subject line, but your email open rates are way down. Or you’re blogging your brains out trying to get some traction – but it’s not working. (Does anyone read blogs anymore anyway? Are they out of style?)

And worse yet, online marketing has changed. What worked 10 years ago, five years ago––even a year ago no longer works.

Ideal clients are scattered across 8 different platforms: YouTube, iTunes, TikTok, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Ideal clients are overwhelmed – even though they love you, everyone’s content has started to sound the same (Stand out! Level up! Raise the bar!).

Ideal clients are bored of cobbled-together email-newsletters puff-pieces (because the sender feels *guilty* they haven’t emailed you in several months... and this is what they send you????)


Even though your ideal clients want and need your help, they’re scattered, overwhelmed and bored – and they can’t find you. But have no fear, just when you thought getting visible and being top-of-mind was a near-impossible feat, I’m here with a sexy solution that’s fun and easy to put in action. Babe, I’m putting you on TikTok

I know, I know, I can almost hear you already… Isn’t TikTok for funny animal videos, coordinated dance moves, and horny teenagers?

Sure. It’s a big place. Which means it’s also for smarty-pants, idea-machines, and well-educated, game-changing entrepreneurs.

And TikTok is not the same platform it was even just one year ago. It’s ultra user friendly, easy to gain likes, shares, and engagement, and you don’t have to have a complicated hashtag strategy to grow your following.

People are going to TikTok in droves for short form educational content. From DIY design, to healthy eating, to weight loss, to makeup lessons, to life-coaching hacks, to fashion styling, to real estate investment tips, to foreign language lessons. Any topic you can find in the nonfiction section of a bookstore, you can find on TikTok. Some of it is done really well. Some of it not so much.

But with me in your back pocket, your content will be beautifully designed to attract new clients and keep your existing audience engaged, so you can stop wasting your time on every platform out there.



1. If you’re putting out quality, educational content, it won’t feel like the traditional social media popularity contest–most commenters are super nice. See???

This is the kind of engagement I see all the time on TikTok. But, what about the haters? Sure, there are a few everywhere – but I’ve got your back! 

After working in strip clubs for 9 years (one of the most cutthroat, toxic environments you can imagine), then working in a male-dominated industry for 10 years (commercial real estate), and thriving in the online space for 17 years, I’ve heard every nasty, sexiest, hurtful comment out there. And can dish it back with sass & class.  I’ll show you ALL my tricks so you don’t get a visibility hangover.

2. Compared to Instagram, the engagement on TikTok is off the charts.

I posted the exact same video to both Instagram & TikTok on May 7, 2022. On TikTok, I got nearly 10x more views than I had followers! (In other words, you don’t need tons of followers to get lots of eyeballs on your content on TikTok.) I’m having fun and getting new email subscribers every day from TikTok. Here are the stats from the same video.

VIEWS – 4199
LIKES – 261

VIEWS – 9735
LIKES – 1532

3. It’s freeing to be on TikTok.

On Instagram there’s immense pressure to create gorgeous, highly-curated content. Then there’s the grid––the visual feed that people see. Unless you’re a celebrity, influencer, or a popular reality TV star, you’re judged by the look & feel of your grid (the color tones, the quality of your images, the artful arrangement), instead of being judged by the quality of your content. 

I don’t know if this was intentional, but compared to Instagram, TikTok is pretty ugly. And I love it. Because it’s all video content, it’s practically impossible to have a gorgeous grid. So you can focus on what you’re saying and sharing vs. how great your lighting is.

Even though my IG grid looks pretty swanky now, that’s only because I’ve been perfecting my process for years, so now it only takes a few minutes to snap the right photo. On TikTok, there’s nothing to perfect – I’m having fun and getting results. And you will too––it’s going to be your new favorite addiction.

4. You don’t have to show your face on video to do well on TikTok.

I’m a huge fan of baby steps and started my TikTok journey doing voice overs. Within a few weeks, I got a client from those voiceovers. That gave me the confidence to keep pushing out of my video comfort zone. And if you don’t like your voice, I can teach you tricks for speaking powerfully, warming up your voice, and sounding like a boss.

5. It’s simple to create content on TikTok.

Unlike YouTube, where you have to put out gorgeous, long-form content that requires professional cameras (plus a camera crew to go with it), lots of physical space (like a studio or an Architectural Digest-worthy living room), and complicated editing software – on TikTok you only need a smartphone, a ring light, and a wall or corner of your house.

And unlike Instagram, where you have to create glossy photos and catchy captions, perfectly coiffed copy, and stylized content for easy reading – on TikTok you can create content exactly how you speak. Plus there’s a 300 character limit on TikTok vs. a 2200 character limit on Instagram. So no one is fussing about captions on TikTok. Compare the two images below.

Hands down, Instagram is way more work and less effective. If you’ve been blogging, emailing your list, writing ebooks, or creating any kind of training materials for awhile now, you already have all of the content you need to succeed on TikTok. My goal for you is to not have to create any new content – we’re simply going to develop it so it performs well on TikTok.

And if you don’t have a ton of content or you just want to create more… I’ve got 15 questions that will become your go-to-list for engaging content (plus, these 15 questions will multiply themselves, helping you create literally hundred of videos over time).

Super Important. Whatever you create for TikTok, you can also post on:

  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube Shorts

And you can easily turn your content into a short-form podcast using something like Hello Audio.


You’ll get so used to talking on camera, hearing the sound of your own voice, and feeling the thrill of an eager audience loving your educational content that your confidence will explode exponentially (I’ve seen it with my own eyes!). Plus you’ll keep your existing audience hot & bothered for you, grow your following and your email list – where you can then sell more products & services, create awareness and connection for your ideas, and open the door to unexpected opportunities.

Now are you excited about TikTok?

In The TikTok Accelerator, I’ll make all of the above so easy for you. I’ll give you the prompts to easily design your visibility plan, along with the creative direction to make your videos pop off the screen, if you follow my plan, you could go viral in the next 30 days!

End your social media struggle & accelerate your visibility (without having to put on a spandex leotard and break out in coordinated dance moves).

Stop idea overwhelm & streamline all your game-changing ideas into a simple visibility plan.

Squash content confusion & develop a visibility plan you can’t wait to create and your ideal clients can’t wait to watch (building the like, know and adore factor).



– You have a service-based business or

– You have a product-based business that has an educational component

– You have a ravishing desire to increase your visibility

NOTE: This is not a technical “how to use TikTok” training. If you know how to use Instagram, you can easily figure out TikTok.


One Private Zoom Session to create a custom content plan that will attract your ideal clients and keep your existing audience hot & bothered while you grow your following and your email list.

During our time together, we will:

  • Brainstorm the exact focused-content you should be creating
  • Co-write 3 of your TikTok Scripts using our TikTok Viral Formula (my TikTok business partner used this formula to get 7.2 million views on one of her posing tip videos)
  • Co-write your TikTok bio so that it showcases your expertise and the next step you want your audience to take
  • Clarify the perfect CTA for your TikTok audience – opt-in, book a free consult, listen to my podcast, etc.
  • Review your website site to make sure it’s aligned with your future messaging on TikTok

30-Days of TikTok Coaching to make sure you are getting the hang of the TikTok Viral Formula.

Exclusive Bundle of Trainings – distilled down to only what you need and nothing you don’t (if you’ve ever tried Googling, “How to grow a following on TikTok” you know there’s a lot of what you ‘don’t need’ out there.).

The Sexy Tech & App Checklist – The TikTok Accelerator isn’t a tech training, but this checklist gives you every thing you need. Plus you won’t have to search for apps because I’ve done all the work for you.

You will walk away from The TikTok Accelerator having a plan and being able to work the plan.

IMPORTANT: The price will likely double in the next 90 days.

If you have any questions, email me or DM on Instagram.


Who knew I would love TikTok? Erika did that’s who! It’s been the most effective platform for communicating my message to new people who are looking for the kind of content I like to create. I do Taylor Swift readings. And within 12 days of posting daily, one of my videos went viral. Then a week later I did it again! I also doubled my follower account––and unlike on a lot of other platforms, these people actually engage. I’m so grateful Erika kept pushing me to get on TikTok. I had deliberately left social media two years ago, closing my Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. I was exhausted from collecting followers and wanted to make deliberate connections. TikTok is totally different. It doesn’t feel like a popularity contest. It feels like a place for everyone looking for connection around their niche interests and unique perspectives. – Xandra Robinson Burns, Writer & Literary Witch, Heroine Training