TREND ALERT: Miss This And Miss PR Opportunities


Wow times have changed. I never thought Architectural Digest would have a column called ‘AD It Yourself’.

*And I never thought they’d be sourcing content from TikTok.*

But here they are with an article called Everything We Learned From Watching School Bus Renovations on TikTok.

Now, I will probably never live in a converted school bus unless the world ends and every boutique hotel has crumbled into the ground. That’s not the point.

The point is – big media is following trends through TikTok, and featuring the creators they find there.

Nowadays you don’t need a press agent or even pitch yourself to major media. Vogue, Fortune, Bloomberg News, NPR, Vanity Fair, The New Yorker, Allure, Essences, Bon Appetit, Travel & Leisure are all reaching out to TikTok. 

Google any one of these sites, slap in the word TikTok, and find a half a dozen or more articles culled from social media. Go ahead, I’ll be here when you’re done. 

If you’ve been resisting TikTok, this should help change your mind. And if you think your thing is too abstract, non-visual, grown up, or complicated for TikTok, you’re wrong. 

Buckle up––here come the examples:

  • Miss Excel – Spreadsheet Toks so engaging, she’s now a sponsored Microsoft MVP
  • Physics Girl – Explaining physics for the rest of us so well, she now has a YouTube channel sponsored by PBS
  • Alexis Nikole, aka The Black Forager, has 3.5 million viewers following her culinary adventures – oh, and a James Beard award – they found her through TikTok
  • Hashem Al-Ghaili – a molecular biologist breaking down climate change for 2.3 million followers, leveraging his audience to contribute to clean water projects in Africa
  • Vanesa Amaro, TikTok’s Queen of Cleaning, now the spokesperson for Clorox

And that’s just a teeny tip of the iceberg.

  • Viral lawyers and dentists getting work from TikTok.
  • Housekeepers getting paid to demonstrate the witchery that is folding a fitted sheet.
  • Accessibility advocates changing the way our infrastructure is built.

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Let’s sum up:

  1. Big media is itching to fill their screen space with discoveries from TikTok.
  1. Big business is dying to piggy-back on TikTok popularity. (Your thing is not too abstract, non-visual, obscure, or grown up to be on TikTok.)
  1. TikTok is the easiest path to more views, more clients, more exposure, more opportunities, more sales.

Your ideal clients are searching for you on TikTok. Let me help them find YOU. (Don’t believe me? Data suggests that TikTok is now Google’s main competitor.)